Blackberry Hub+ Comes To Android as a Subscription Service

Blackberry Hub+, a core suite of Blackberry’s productivity services is now available for users of other smartphones running Google’s operating system. This is coming after the Canadian smartphone pioneer released its second Android phone. The company hopes to make money from subscription fees and ads.

The company isn’t planning to release any new Blackberry phone this year even though it hasn’t abandoned its own operating system, Blackberry 10. So, moving it’s core apps to Android OS is a welcome development.

Presently, most phones running on Android 6.0 marshmallow will be able to run the BlackBerry Hub+, which is already available on the firm’s pricey Priv and cheaper new DTEK50 smartphones, as well its remaining BlackBerry 10 phones.

For non-BB users, using the Hub will be a total new experience. So, what is Blackberry Hub+ all about?

Meet Blackberry Hub+

Blackberry Hub+ services
Blackberry Hub+ App

Hub+ is a suite of applications that provides unified access to various email and social media accounts, as well as a calendar, a password manager and contacts, task, device search and note-taking features.

The BlackBerry Hub holds a lot of information and provides a unique way of managing all of your communication needs from a central place, it gives a peek view at your accounts, mark as read or delete prior messages. It also afford you the opportunity to Manage accounts and also hide your message.

Hub+ Key features:

  • Find out about all BlackBerry Hub+ applications.
  • Enjoy a more consistent experience across your BlackBerry applications, including common menus that allow you to open items in other BlackBerry applications.
  • Manages the data for all BlackBerry Hub+ applications, providing secure and efficient access to your most critical data. This includes the sync logic that obtains your data from the Internet, seamlessly keeping your device up-to-date.
  • Be first to find out what’s coming next in Inside BlackBerry.
  • Fully supports Android for Work deployment and, when enabled by your administrator, supports unifying your personal and work views while maintaining strict data storage separation.

For now, the rollout is not that widely available. BlackBerry’s post noted that the Hub+ applications would only run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow devices “which meet certain performance criteria,” and even then Marshmallow only accounts for 15% of the Android phones out there… It will be available for Android Lollipop and iOS devices later in the future.

Where to Download Blackberry Hub+ App?

You can download a free trial of Android Hub for Android from Google Play. After a 30-day trial, you can continue using the apps for free with an ad-based experience, or subscribe to the entire suite of apps for 0.99 cents  a month, which will include additional features: contacts, tasks, device search, notes and launcher.

Download it here: [pb-app-box pname=’om.blackberry.infrastructure’ name=’om.blackberry.infrastructure’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]


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