Etisalat 4G LTE Network Gone Live in Lagos, Other States to Join Soon

While we were still celebration Glo 4G LTE network launched in 9 cities in Nigeria, Etisalat 4G LTE network service finally went live in Lagos on Friday, October 7th, 2016. We already saw its 4G network coming but never expected it to be this soon. Now, Airtel, one of the “big four” (as I like to call them) GSM networks, is currently the only telco in Nigeria running on 3G technology.

RUBIZTECH gathered the telecom umpire, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is “re-framing” the (1800Mhz) spectrum to allow Airtel, Glo and Etisalat also roll out 4G LTE. This may explain why neither Glo or Etisalat doesn’t have to own one of the traditional 4G spectrums like MTN whom last year, had to acquire Visafone to get their hands on the necessary license to deploy 4G service.

Etisalat 4G LTE Network: How to Get Started

Making the announcement via their twitter handle, all you have to do as an Etisalat subscriber is to simply turn on your 4G-enabled device and you are on. This means you don’t have to get an extra 4G LTE Sim card like what MTN and Glo are asking their customers to do.

Etisalat 4G LTE Data Plans

When MTN and Glo unveiled their 4G services, they also rolled out their corresponding data plans. (See that of MTN here and that of Glo here.) For now, there is no word on 4G LTE data plans from Etisalat Nigeria. So, if you stay in Lagos, all you need to do is switch on your 4G phone and start enjoying Etisalat 4G LTE network service.

As per the speed test, there have been screenshots making the rounds on social media and they look decent too. Below is one of Etisalat 4G LTE network speed test I found interesting:

Etisalat 4G LTE Network Coverage Area

Unlike Glo who is covering over 9 cities and  MTN in 3 cities, Etisalat 4G service is presently in some areas in Lagos state only. However,  the self-acclaimed ‘network with an attitude’ said “we do more with less talk just to empower you Get your phone ready, you might be next. This means they are gradually spreading to Lagos environs and eventually to other states.

A Look at 4G/4G LTE Network

4G is the short name for fourth-generation wireless, the stage of broadband mobile communications that will supersede the third generation (3G ). Note that although LTE is marketed as 4G by most networks, it is not actually a 4G technology as it does not fully meet the specification for 4G mobile technology.

Long Term Evolution, LTE, is an evolution of UMTS (3G) and offers downlink peak rates of at least 100 Mbps, an uplink of at least 50 Mbps.

According to the specification for 4G, a 4G mobile technology should have peak download speed for 100 Mbps for high mobility communication and 1 Gbit/s for low mobility communication. LTE clearly does not meet this specification.

Comparing this with the above speed test, telcos in Nigeria are feeding us with refined 3G services as the acclaimed 4G LTE network they provide does not meet up with specifications.

So, have you started enjoying Etisalat newly launched 4G LTE service? How has your experience been? Share with us using the comment box below.



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