11 Features Spotted on Samsung Galaxy Note 7, not on iPhone 6S

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rumor days are over and finally, it’s official. The new flagship phablet was launched on August 2nd at the Samsung Unpacked event, during a press conference at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom. The Note 7 specs awesome features that its biggest rival, iPhone, does not have. For those who missed the launch, a video on everything Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can do has been included below.

Samsung took a leap from Note 5 to Note 7, thereby omitting Note 6. Maybe in an effort to be a step ahead of the latest iPhone 6S, but then, it’s only in number. Though Samasung revealed that Note 7 will complement S7 and S7 edge and minimize confusion about latest mobile technology from it’s brands, features spotted on these latest phablet proved clearly that iPhone 6S might take the second place.

It’s time to pit the newly crowned best phablet in the world against the best-selling phablet in the world. This will give us a chance to see how the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 compares to the iPhone 6s Plus. Samsung is a seasoned pro when it comes to phablets and the new Galaxy Note 7 is packed full of phablet-specific features. There are also some fantastic general features that you won’t find on any iPhone, and in this post we’ll take a look at the major best ones.

Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

#1. S Pen Stylus

Sure there are styluses that can by purchased separately and used with the iPhone 6s Plus, but none of them offer the experience or deep software integration afforded by the Galaxy Note 7.

The S Pen experience on the Note lineup has always been terrific, and it’s better than ever on the Note 7. The S Pen has been upgraded this year with water resistance, a finer point, and twice as fine pressure sensitivity (4,096 levels, as opposed to 2,048 on earlier models). Other refinements include the consolidation of all of Samsung’s different note-taking apps into one “Samsung Notes” app, new Air Command features like translate and magnify functions, the ability to select a video and easily convert it into a GIF, and more. The stylus itself is also new and improved, with a .7mm tip that feels almost like a ballpoint pen as you write.

#2. Always-On Display

Samsung’s Always-On Display (AOD) is another great feature you won’t find on the iPhone. AOD is a feature which keeps most of the screen off while the phone is asleep but displays certain information that can be customized to suit your needs. For example, you can display a clock, a calendar, notifications, and so on.

#3. Screen Off Memo

Screen Off Memo
Stylus Pen on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

When the phone is asleep and you remove the S Pen stylus, you can instantly begin writing a memo on the display without waking up the phone. The photo above shows you what it looks like — but that’s not even the best part. Once you’ve written your note, you can pin it to the AOD display. So, for example, you can write out a shopping list and then pin it to your AOD so you don’t even have to wake your phone as you make your way around the town.

#4. Super AMOLED Display

It’s incredible how far past Apple the company’s rivals have pushed when it comes to display quality. There’s just no reason Apple should still be using LCD panels. The iPhone 6s has a solid screen, but it doesn’t compare at all to the deep blacks and wonderful contrast offered by Samsung’s Super AMOLED panels.

#5. 2K Resolution

Sticking to the screen for a bit longer, display resolution is another area where Apple has fallen far behind. The iPhone 6s has a 720p screen — 720p! — and the 6s Plus has a 1080p display. Meanwhile, Samsung’s quad HD displays offer a viewing experience that is far more clearer and crispier.

#6. Iris Scanner

Apple might have popularized the idea of including a fingerprint scanner on a smartphone, but Samsung took things to the next level with its new iris scanner. The Note 7 has a new iris scanner that joins the familiar fingerprint scanner. It scans your irises using a dedicated front-facing camera coupled with a special infrared sensor. The new feature cannot be spoofed with a photo, and it can be used to unlock the phone, authenticate a mobile payment, or grant access to the Secure Folder.

#7. Secure Folder

Another awesome feature added on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the Secure Folder. It lets Note 7 users store sensitive files in a special encrypted folder that has an extra layer of security protecting it. This way you can unlock your phone and share it with friends or family members without giving them access to your sensitive data.

Another cool feature of the Secure Folder is the fact that it’s not just for things like photos and passwords. You can actually install an instance of any app within the secure folder, and it will then be protected by that second layer of security. So for example, you can have your personal Gmail account in the main Gmail app installation, and then install another instance of Gmail in the Secure Folder for your work email.

#8. IP68 Water- and Dust Resistance

The name itself explains it’s benefits. That’s cool right?

#9. Expandable Storage

Samsung will be offering customers their choice of a free 256GB MicroSD card or Gear Fit 2 when they purchase a Note 7.

#10. Battery Life

Last but certainly not least, the Note 7 includes a massive 3,500 mAh battery supported by a power-sipping processor, three different power saving modes and fast-charging technology that refuels the handset’s battery faster than any iPhone. That compares to a 2,750 mAh battery in the iPhone 6s Plus, which has one basic power saving mode and no support for fast-charging tech.

#11. Bonus

The Note 7 is launching with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but Samsung says that it will be upgraded to Android 7.0 Nougat in the future. When that might happen is anyone’s guess — the company isn’t committing to a time-frame and it has a history of taking a very long time to deliver new versions of Android to its phones.

Quick look at Galaxy Note 7 specs

As stated in our previous article, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with a curved 5.7-inch display with 2560 x 1440 quad HD resolution, resulting in a pixel density of 518 ppi. Surprisingly, the devices comes with the same processor found on Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge; Snapdragon 820 SoC or Exynos 8890 depending on region.

The rumored iris scanner is present. It features a 12MP rear camera with OIS and a 5MP front-facing camera, 4GB RAM plus 64GB base internal storage with SD card support up to 256GB, 3500mAh battery, fingerprint scanner and more.

Did I mention Samsung has finally made the jump to the latest USB-C standard on the Galaxy Note 7? Yes it has. In the transition, Samsung has kept its “Fast Charge” technology available, which lets you quickly charge up the battery with compatible chargers (including Quick Charge 2.0 devices).

With the move to the new port, Samsung is trying to ease the pain of the transition by including a Micro-USB to USB-C adapter in the box with every phone as well. With the new port Samsung looks forward to years of interoperability with new accessories, cables and chargers — including refreshes of its own accessories to include USB-C cables or adapters.

Watch Video:

These Specs and Review shows that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is far better than it’s counterparts. What do you think?


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