How to Open a Bitcoin Account, Get Free Bitcoins & Convert to Naira Cash

The importance of Bitcoin is increasing every day. The ease of using and spending Bitcoin has made many services commence providing answers on how to open a Bitcoin account, get free bitcoins, double your Bitcoin, and cash out into your bank account. This is expected because of more and more businesses, large and small, accept Bitcoin payments every day. 

The first step is finding the businesses that accept Bitcoin’s easy, instant and secure payment system. So, if you reading this, you will learn about Bitcoin, best platform to open a Bitcoin account and stock it with free Bitcoins, as well as doubling it as much as you need.

I am writing this article because of a new business, called Zarfund were participants earn bitcoin money by networking. However, to start making your money, you will need to join and start with an initial investment of  0.03BTC (BTC is a unit of Bitcoin). Now that many people have joined getting the startup capital is a little challenging hence the search for how to get free Bitcoins.

What is Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a new currency standard on the internet, like you have dollars for the USA, euros for EU, naira for Nigeria, so also the Bitcoin is for the internet. 1 Bitcoin is valued at $625 current exchange rate on the market. It is a new digital currency, that has changed the way people send, receive money and pay for goods and services. You can read up more about bitcoin technology here – Wikipedia

Bitcoin has a very high intrinsic value. It was created in 2008 and by 2009, the value was $0.5, by 2010, the value had reached $75. By 2015, the value was $250, and now the present value is $575 – $625. Every year the value of bitcoin appreciates. It has been predicted that in the near future the value of 1 bitcoin will exceed $4000. You can see the great achievements bitcoin has made since its inception here – Bitcoin Achievements

How to Open a Bitcoin Account

First of all, you need to get a free Bitcoin e-wallet if you don’t already have. There are many services that provided this services like Bitx, Coinbase etc but on this platform, I’ll be making use of Blockchain, go to and click create a free Bitcoin wallet. It is totally free.

free bitcoin wallet


How to Know Your Bitcoin Wallet Address

There are some important terminologies to understand while using a Bitcoin account. A Bitcoin Wallet Address is a single-use token. Like e-mail addresses, you can send bitcoins to a person by sending bitcoins to one of their addresses. Th Bitcoin address is like your bank account number, which you can use to receive money from other recipients. However, unlike e-mail addresses, people have many different Bitcoin Wallet Addresses and a unique address should be used for each transaction.

  • Click on wallet and you’ll be presented with the image below
  • Fill it and activate it via the link that will be sent to your email address.
  • Log in and go straight to your Security Center (Set up the necessary details and your backup)
  • Click on receive and you’ll see your bitcoin address. To receive money from anyone using bitcoin, send them that address and you are good to go.
  • To send money to someone from your bitcoin, click on send, and you’ll see the option to place the receiver bitcoin address, specify the amount you want to send in $ and hit the send button.

This video will explain it more:

How to Get Bitcoins

There are two options for getting started with bitcoins. They are:

  1. Buy bitcoins
  2. Get free bitcoins

Which would you rather go for? I know your answer will be #2 but assuming you choose #1, we have given a splendid guide on How to Buy and Convert Bitcoins into Cash in Nigeria

How to Get Free Bitcoins

The entry level here is very low, almost everyone can get their hands on little bits of bitcoins at this level, all it takes is an internet enabled smartphone or laptop, and u can start building up your bitcoins at a steadily increasing rate, by visiting sites that give out free bits of bitcoins at regular time intervals.

These sites can afford to remain profitable and sustain their business model because they earn from traffic to the site daily, from advertising banners and yes, from donations too.

We are using one of such sites to drive bitcoin integration at our own level, to achieve our already stated vision. The site in question is called Freebitcoin.

Earn from freebitcoin

Using Freebitcoin is an awesome money making opportunity that is so simple and easy, it seems too good to be true. But yet it is real, safe and 100% secure against cheats, frauds, and thefts. All it takes from you is just 5 minutes of your time every hour to visit the site on your phone or laptop and click the ROLL button.

Earning Free Bitcoins From Freebitcoin

There are 4 ways to your free Bitcoin from freebitcoin are calculated and they are listed below:

  1. You can earn up to $200 every hour when you ROLL for a Lucky number on the site. If you get the highest number when you roll for that hour, you win 0.3 Bitcoins ($200/N60k naira). Otherwise, you win lower cash prizes in income. But every roll you make every hour, you make money.
  2. You can also earn from the weekly lottery, where you could make up to 3 Bitcoins ($1800/N600k naira), in the lottery draw. Every roll you make gives you 2 free lottery tickets for the weekly lottery draw. If any of your tickets is picked as the winning ticket at the weekend draw, you win the cash prize.
  3. You will also earn a lot of money from the efforts of others visiting the site like you. You earn 50% of what the people you introduce to the business earn when they visit the site and roll just like you.
  4. Then finally, you get reward points for every roll you make, these reward points are used to get Roll bonuses, BTC cash prizes, electronic gifts like iPhones, Samsung galaxy tabs, and many more rewards.

Now that you know how much you can make online with bitcoins, how can you cash it out to Naira?

How to Cash Out Into Your Nigeria Bank Account

Cashout is done by transfer to your bank account. Generally, once your bitcoin earnings are in your bitcoin wallet, you can cash out within 24 hours.

Bitcoin direct Cashout: This option is only available to Nigerian residents.

  1. Click a provided cash out link to initiate the request.
  2. Follow the instructions to transfer your bitcoins to the central repository’s bitcoin address, and input your bank details for receiving the funds in Naira.
  3. Naira equivalent will be paid to the provided bank details within 24 – 48 hours.

Testimonies abound, of new users to our bitcoin earning system, who have cashed out their bitcoin earnings to Naira. Now that you know all there is to know about our bitcoin business opportunity. Are you ready to give it a trial, and start earning your first free bitcoins with us? Click here to join today and be financially free.


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