Genii Games Animated Series, Yoruba 101 Coming October

Genii Games is set to release the first season of B.O.L.A animated series and it will start airing two weeks into Nigeria Independence day, on October 14, 2016. This is coming four months after announcing the release of the trailers and officially live on YouTube four days later.

Just like Jumia Local’s made-in-Nigeria idea, Genii Games is all about promoting Nigerian culture to kids. They do this through a series of interactive apps and videos that contain stories with moral lessons and also teach kids the basics of Nigerian languages.

B.O.L.A is short for “Book of Language Awesomeness” – a book that contains over 2,000 native African languages. From their site, it looks like the series is going to be about protecting this book from an evil cyborg.

The first season of Genii Games miniseries will run for 6 to 8 weeks and each weekly episode will be based on contexts to help kids learn basic Yoruba customs like greetings.

Here’s the official synopsis – B.O.L.A, the Book of Language Awesomeness, is the single most important relic that holds our African Languages together. To protect it from the villain, Trick, the elders led by Sultan have hidden it away from Trick’s prying eyes. The clues to its location lie in another artifact, the Map of Ages. Trick desperately wants the book and will do anything to have the map even centuries after. Hope may yet lie in Ewa (7) and Tughu (8)

Here’s the Genii Games Animated Series trailer (there’s a Trick the Villain Easter Egg in it).

If you think the characters in Yoruba 101 look familiar, it’s cos they are the same ones in Genii Game’s B.O.L.A series. Tughu, Ewa and the old man are here again to teach kids to teach kids about their culture.

Yoruba 101 videos will be run on the Genii Games’ YoutubeFacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages.


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