Glo 0.0k UC Browser Handler Tweak: How to Browse Free on Glo

Today, we will be looking at how to browse free with Glo network using Glo 0.0k UC browser Handler tweak. In our previous article, we discussed Glo free browsing using the latest Tweakware VPN for Android. This latest Glo .0k UC browser cheat works for both PC and Android.

This UC Browser Handler VPN is a modded version of  Psiphon handler with some added features that makes it more stable with the Glo free browsing cheat. But unlike other free VPN, it is embedded within UC browser. This feature enables you to tweak the UC browser to suit your browsing needs.

Before we proceed, you should note that your Glo Airtime bonus must be on Zero naira. To achieve this, migrate to the Glo PAYU plan (Pay As You Use). To migrate to Glo PAYU, text PAYU to 127. The Glo PAYU plan is a special plan that allows you to surf the internet at low costs using the available airtime on your phone.

Features of Glo 0.0k UC Browser Handler Tweak

Things to know before using the Glo 0.0 unlimited browsing cheat on Uc browser handler

  1. This cheat is unlimited without speed throttling and it works with 0.0 account balance just like the others.
  2. Other apps on your phone like twitter, Instagram, facebook etc won’t work with this method
  3. You can use it to download heavy files from the internet as you want.

Glo 0.0k UCMini Browser Handler Tweak on Android

Glo 0.0k UC Browser Handler Tweak
Glo 0.0k UC Browser Handler Tweak Setup on Android
  • First, download and install the UCmini Handler apk
  • Thereafter, Launch the installed app and configure as below
  • Proxy type: REAL HOST
  • Proxy server:
  • Real proxy type: default (you can also use HTTP)
  • Real proxy port:80

Then save and start browsing.

How to download with Glo UC Mini handler cheat on Android

  • Enter this URL: into the address bar on your UC mini handler
  • Then insert the download link of the file you want to download
  • Now click go and your download should begin is a proxy server and it will rename the file you are downloading to a .php extension but no worries. Immediately download option pops-up –before downloading- rename the file by changing the .php extension to the format of the file you want to download. For example .mp4, .apk, .exe .pdf etc then continue with your download.

Glo 0.0k UC Browser Handler Tweak on PC

Basically, same the settings used on android described above applies to the PC version.

Glo 0.0k UC Browser Handler Tweak on PC
Glo 0.0k UC Browser Handler Tweak on PC setup

However, to edit any of the above settings, double click the appropriate box and input the right value into the required field. For advanced settings (not needed here anyway) Press “Ctrl+O” and you will be able to access the Settings page. But for the purpose of this Glo browsing cheat, it should be set to NO Proxy.


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