Glo 0.0K Your Freedom VPN Free Browsing Tweak for PC

Today, we will be discussing Glo 0.0K Your Freedom VPN free browsing tweak for Windows PC. In our last article, we explained how to use Glo 0.0k Your Freedom VPN cheat on Android. We have also seen how to browse free on Glo 0.0K using UCMini Browser Handler but this time, you will be able to use this Glo browsing cheat to power all applications on your Windows PC.

The Your Freedom service has been around for a while. It is an all-in-one tunneling VPN used for firewall & proxy bypassing. It provides you with anonymous web surfing and of course it’s an anti-censorship tunneling software is available for all almost all platform.

So far no-one has managed to block Your Freedom completely and permanently without blocking your Internet access entirely. This is due to its support for almost all network, especially in Nigeria.

Before we proceed, you should note that your Glo Airtime bonus must be on Zero naira. To achieve this, migrate to the Glo PAYU plan (Pay As You Use). To migrate to Glo PAYU, text PAYU to 127. The Glo PAYU plan is a special plan that allows you to surf the internet at low costs using the available airtime on your phone.


Below are the requirements for Glo 0.0K Your Freedom VPN free browsing tweak.

  • Your Glo line which must be on Zero naira as described above
  • Register for a unique username and password here.
  • Your Freedom software: Download for PC here

Glo 0.0K Your Freedom VPN Free Browsing Tweak on PC

Glo 0.0K Your Freedom VPN Free Browsing Tweak for PC

To setup Glo 0.0K Your Freedom VPN free browsing tweak on Android, follow the below instructions:

  • Open the app and click configure
  • Go to account information and enter your username and password gotten from above
  • Go back to the configure menu, click on “connection” and set it using:
    > Your Freedom Server:
    > Tweaks: Nigeria Glo
    > Connection Mode: DNS
    Option: Select And Tick 1,3,7,6.
    Port: 53
  • Go back and connect.

Configure Your Browser as follows

Launch your browser (preferably Google Chrome).

  • Go to Settings, then click on Show Advance Settings.
  • Scroll down to Network, and click on Change Proxy Settings, which will then pop up your connection tab
  • Click on your connection name and change to Manual Proxy, then set it up with the information below
    > Proxy address :
    Port: 8080
  • Save, and start flexing, Just enter any site of your choice and start browsing free via your freedom appliccation.

Now it should connect but the speed would be poor, to increase the speed just do the following:

  • Click the configure tab and click Shop
  • You would see 1Hour Trial. Swipe to the left you would see “TOTAL” tab. Click on free
  • You would get a successful message.

However, after 1Hour it would return to being slow again. Just do the same trick again to speed things up. Then go back and toggle the uplink and downlink speed, then you are back to business.

If you need more speed and bandwidth, you can always upgrade and save yourself the stress. Simply upgrade Your Freedom premium account. Pay #2,200 here and send account details for an upgrade using RUBIZTECT contact.

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