Glo 4G LTE is Live in 9 Major Cities in Nigeria Including Warri

Finally, Glo 4G LTE is now live in Nigeria and importantly, it is available in Warri! This is great news to be celebrated especially because when ntel came, Lagos and Abuja were its major coverage areas. InterC 4G network and MTN 4G LTE services simply joined them while recently, Etisalat 4G was spotted in Lagos only. But now, Globacom Nigeria has gone beyond boundaries.

Nigeria’s next generation network, Globacom, made the announcement that it has launched Nigeria’s first nationwide mobile 4G/Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, via its twitter handle today October 4, 2016.

With the successful launch of the Glo 4G LTE, the country’s first widely spread LTE network will make it possible for millions of Nigerians to enjoy instant, efficient broadband internet at speeds far superior to the 3G network, thus enabling them to download ultra high definition videos in seconds.

With this development, individuals who consume huge volumes of data, government agencies, corporate organisations including banks, oil and gas companies, academic institutions and health institutions, which utilize seamless data transfer for their operations will benefit immensely from Globacom’s data intensive applications.

Glo 4G LTE Coverage Areas

Subscribers in parts of some cities across the country including Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja as well as Jos in Plateau State, Warri in Delta State, Eket in Akwa Ibom State, Benin City in Edo State, Yola in Adamawa State and Zaria in Kaduna State have the opportunity to connect to Glo 4G LTE network.

Glo 4G LTE coverage areas
Glo 4G LTE coverage areas / @RUBIZTECH

The company said services will be extended to other major cities in quick succession.

“We are pleased to once again play a leading role in empowering Nigerians with world class data services, helping to close the digital divide. In the last one and a half years, the people of this great country have spoken repeatedly by making Globacom the largest data network in new subscriptions. The best we can do for our people who believe in us and made us their number one data network is to give them the best technology. What we are offering is the new speed of life,” said Kamaldeen Shonibare, Head, Corporate Sales, Globacom.

In addition to the launch of 4G/LTE services, Globacom has also unveiled a set of 4G data bundles to enable all categories of subscribers to have access to the unique products and services.

Glo 4G LTE Data Plans

Under the new plan, subscribers will get a whopping 1.6GB of data for N500, while N1000 will give them 3.2GB data. Other exciting offers include 7.5GB for N2000, 10GB for N2,500, 18GB for N4000 and 24GB for N5000. The benefits also include free access to thousands of music, video, and movie on-demand while the data plan ranges from N50 to N18,000 for the benefit of all.

Glo 4G LTE data plans
Glo 4G LTE data plans / @RUBIZTECH

Other packages offered by Globacom include a brand new 4G LTE router and the MIFi. While the 4G LTE router gives access to Ultra High-Speed Internet and landline and comes with free SIM, 60Gb of shareable data valid for a month as well as free world-class content for a one-off fee of N31,000, the company bundled the 4G MiFi with free SIM, 60Gb of shareable data valid for one month and free world-class content for a one-off fee of N25,000.

The advanced technology of Glo 4G LTE services, according to Mr. Shonibare, would touch all aspects of life, from education to agriculture and medical care, thus making life more interesting, comfortable and enjoyable for Nigerians.

“Our subscribers today already enjoy downloading music, video and movie contents and streaming contents on their phones and other devices. But the new Glo 4G LTE network offers subscribers a significantly improved experience. The video and voice quality in video calls on different applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber etc is a lot clearer while the picture quality is crisper, and the transmission is faster,” he said.

The Glo Corporate Sales Head stated further that over 150 million telecom subscribers in Nigeria will have access to the internet at a much faster speed and enjoy ultra high definition video without buffering as well as utilise other high intensive data applications with ease, courtesy of Glo 4G LTE.

Describing Globacom as the digital network for both the present and future generations, Shonibare added that, “We’re the next generation network, the grandmasters of data. That is why we have taken the lead in providing 4G LTE nationwide with mobility for Nigerians. We want them to experience the power of real-time mobile broadband technology at the most affordable rates.”

How to Subscribe to Glo 4G LTE Services

To join the most advanced network, he advised subscribers to buy and register a 4G LTE Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) or swap his or her existing SIM for a 4G SIM, get a 4G phone and dial *777# to buy a data plan. This similar to what MTN Nigeria is doing.

He also enjoined subscribers to visit the nearest Gloworld shop to connect to the Glo 4G LTE and enjoy the boundless opportunities offered by the advanced and superior technology.

Is your Device 4G-enabled?

Now that Glo has integrated 4G technology into it’s services, the next question will be “is your device 4G-enabled?” We have listed some 4G enabled devices that will not break budget and with the latest TECNO’s, Infinix as well as Innjoo devices available, you can easily migrate to enjoy the new 4G services. It is also possible to exchange your old device for a new one. 

Meanwhile, Airtel Nigeria is now the only 3G network company in Nigeria and hopefully, the will give us a belated independence gift soon.


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