Guide: How to Upgrade a New Zarfund Account to Bronze Level

Zarfund is one of the best and legit ways to make money online and knowing how to upgrade a Zarfund account from one level to another is very important. First, get the complete Zarfund review, step-by-step picture and video guide then come back and continue. It is a website where the communities help people to raise funds by donating bitcoins. On Zarfund, you start with just $20 (as at the time of writing the post) and make up to $40,000 within a month. But know what? Zarfund is not a place to mess around.

Only serious minded people who are ready to invest $20 to make more money that is accepted into this online community. If you don’t have $20 worth of Bitcoin to activate your Zarfund account and start making the money, then forget about Zarfund for life.

This simple tutorial is meant for those who want to register on Zarfund, update their account to a bronze level with $20 and start growing their money to $70,000 within a month. Otherwise just stop reading because after registering on Zarfund, your account will be deactivated after 24hrs if you fail to upgrade it.

Now How to Upgrade your Zarfund Account Bronze Level

I assume you are ready with your $20 worth of bitcoin to upgrade your zarfund account before reading this article. If you still don’t have a bitcoin wallet, open one for free at or you can get the app from play store. Again if you don’t know how to convert your $20 to bitcoin, then you can contact rubiztech to fund your bitcoin account. If you already know all that, then skip them and continue the steps below.

Note: Your unique registration link will be sent to you by the admin of this team. After registering with Zarfund, you are giving only 48hrs to upgrade or your account will be terminated forever. So be ready with your $20 worth of bitcoin before you register. If you have registered with Zarfund and you want to fund your account, the follow this steps below.

  1. Login your Zarfund account, and click on Upgrade. The system will ask you to Add Payment. So click on Add Payment Account. You will need to add payment account first before you can upgrade.

    Zarfund account upgrade: Add bitcoin wallet address
    Adding your bitcoin wallet address to your Zarfund account.
  2. Then in the next page Click on Add Your Wallet to add your Bitcoin Wallet.

    Zarfund account upgrade: Add wallet address to Zarfund
    Click to Add your Wallet Address
  3. Add the information required in the spaces you see in the next page Thus:
    ==> Wallet Website: enter
    ==> Wallet Address: is a series of codes you get from your blockchain account. Log in to your blockchain account, then click on Receive, the series of code will pop up like the photo below.

    wallet address for Zarfund account upgrade
    Get your Wallet Address from your Blockchain Account
  4. Copy these codes and paste in the Wallet Address space provided on your Zarfund membership dashboard.
  5. Then the next space you put in the answer to your security question. And click on Save.
  6. After saving successfully, navigate to your Zarfund dashboard and click on Upgrade. The first thing you will be asked to do is send a donation to your sponsor whose blockchain wallet address is listed (A RED ARROW is pointing towards it). The wallet address is that series of code you find when you scroll down. It looks like this.

    Zarfund account upgrade
    Make a donation to your sponsor
  7. You will have to first send bitcoin money to that wallet address and your account will be upgraded to Bronze Level 1. So copy that code, then Go to your Blockchain account.
  8. In your Blackchain dashboard, Click on Send, a pop-up will display. Paste the codes (wallet address) where you see To, enter the Bitcoin amount you are asked to send. I was asked to send 0.03btc and the equivalent in $ was displayed as $18.4. Then in the Description space, enter Donation.

    Zarfund account upgrade
    SEND donation to your sponsor’s wallet address
  9. Click Next Step and then Click on Send.
  10. After sending the donation, go back to your Zarfund account. This step is very important so pay attention.
  11. Here, you will be asked to provide the Transaction Hash ID in the form given to you below. This is how to get your Transaction Hash ID.
  12. Copy the wallet address step 6, the one you just sent bitcoin to, then log out of your blockchain account. Clear the address bar and make sure it displays only
  13. Hit enter to visit the home address of blockchain, you will see a search bar, paste the code you copied in the search bar and Search.

    Zarfund account upgrade process on blockchain
    Paste your sponsors wallet address and search
  14. Or see illustration from the picture below:
    Transaction hash ID in Zarfund Upgrade
  15. You will have to copy the first series of code you see under the transaction. That long code is the transaction ID. Copy the code, go to your Zarfund account and paste it under the Transaction Hash ID. Then enter the exact amount of bitcoin you sent and click submit. See picture below.

    Zarfund account upgrade completed
    OK means Transaction HASH ID submitted successfully

So Now that my Account is Upgraded, what will I do to Make the Money?

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