Valentine’s Day Hack! How To Survive Valentine’s Day If You Are Single

Valentines’s day is around the corner and today, I will be sharing with you Valentine’s day hack for singles. Some singles who aren’t in a relationship will be worried about celebrating love alone hence they need to know how to survive the “lovers season”. Check out 10 Facts you didn’t know about Valentine.

Nowadays, crazy things are happening prior to and after Valentine’s day, especially to singles. The pressure from families and friends drives some to find love Facebook and others display private love affairs online. But you know that you can still have a rocking and lovely valentine even though you are single? So, you don’t have to feel sorry for yourself.

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Fort the non-bitter singletons among us, you know those of you actually don’t MIND being single on Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t the celebration have something for us as well? In short, yes! Here are Valentine’s Day hacks to survive the season as a single.

Survive Valentine’s Day If You Are Single

Organize Valentine’s Day Singles Party

You cannot force anyone to date or love you? As they say in local parlance love is not by force. Reach out to your single friends (guys and ladies), and organize a singles party at home or one of the best hotels in Lagos. You never know, you may meet someone special!

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You are a prolific cook but you don’t have time to cook. Valentine’s Day as a single may be an opportunity to check if you haven’t lost your culinary skills. You should fix yourself a delicious and tasteful meal.

Watch Movies

Watching a movie is a good way to distract yourself from the lovey-dovey activities around you. If you have a favorite movie, it is perhaps time to watch it again. But, try as much as possible to avoid romantic movies, it will only remind you that you are single!

Give yourself a treat

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To some people, going on a date alone is weird. This has some sort of advantage for you because you don’t concern about additional bills. You can treat yourself by going for a massage, or shopping. You should just do something unusual but don’t be extreme. This will only remind you that you are single.

Don’t worry yourself

The best and ultimate way to survive valentine as a single is to caution yourself from worrying about the fact that you are single. After all, being single is not a crime. If you worry yourself, you are likely to fall into a wrong relationship.

Here you go! These Valentine’s day hacks will certainly give you blast. Have other ideas to survive the season you want to share? Please use the comment box to drop your comments.


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