Infinix Hot 4 X557 With 4000mAh, XOS Out of the Box

Infinix Hot 4 X557, Infinix Mobility’s first smartphone to run XOS out of the box from the ‘HOT’ series has gone on sale in Nigeria in different online and offline retail stores. Unlike the usual jamboree that comes with new Infinix smartphone launch, no prior advertisements nor press release was made on the HOT 4. This probably explains why it is called “a device that’s smart enough to keep up with you and beautiful enough to catch everyone’s attention without trying to.”

Coming less than a month after Infinix launched the Infinix Hot S, the Hot X557 is a follow-up of Infinix Hot 3 but this time, the Infinix Hot 4 carries along a fingerprint sensor located at the back just like the Rumored Note 3 X601. Nevertheless, Hot 4 is a phone of it’s own class.

The Infinix X557 (Hot 4) boasts a fluid 5.5 inch HD display, your entrance to a multimedia haven supported by a 4,000mAh battery that lasts for two full days! With the Hot 4’s spectacular screen, pictures taken with its 8MP camera are super clear. You get to choose the most convenient tariffs as it comes with dual SIM slots (separate from SD card slot) and with an internal memory that can be expanded by a 32GB SD card, your favorite memories are right at your

You get to choose the most convenient tariffs as it comes with dual SIM slots (separate from SD card slot) and with an internal memory that can be expanded by a 32GB SD card, your favorite memories are right at your finger tip. Let’s review how hot the HOT 4 really is.

Infinix Hot 4 Android Smartphone Review

The folks at Infinix Mobility says it’s a bold experiment. Now, we need to understand this more with an in-depth look.

Infinix Hot 4: Screen

Hot 4 is specced an enhanced 5.5″ HD screen with 12 ultra-bright backlight LEDs. Whether you are watching your favorite team compete or a fast-action film, everything comes alive with phenomenal clarity. Smart dynamic calibration adjusts the screen brightness and contrast in real-time for clear viewing in daytime viewing and gentle display at night.

Infinix Hot 4: Fingerprint Smart Key

Scan your fingerprint to experience the convenience of secure ID access. The smart Fingerprint key eliminates complicated passwords and provides secure unlocking, wakes dormant apps, and enables privacy control in various other applications.

Infinix Hot 4 Battery: Large 4000mAh

Hot 4 promises to give you ultra long standby time packed into a large (4000mAh) battery and powered by the XOS energy saving utility support, (5V 2A) fast charging makes the charging process faster and safer. The battery can last the average user two days, providing a feeling of security for your extended business or leisure travel.

Infinix Hot 4: Sound Quality

The upgraded Infinix Hot 4 receiver utilizes dual high-quality stereo speakers for clear and pleasant conversations, even in noisy environments.

Infinix Hot 4: Smart Voice

The X557 adopts exclusive noise reduction technology to identify and reduce unwanted background sounds and automatically adjust the output volume. Utilizing an internal microphone and digital signal algorithm speech is isolated from ambient noise and the volume is adjusted according to environmental conditions to create an enhanced overall calling experience.

Infinix Hot 4 Camera

Infinix Hot 4 X557 boasts an exceptional camera that can capture your most memorable moments. An 8MP camera with five internal lens elements and multiple shooting modes will capture your photos with the finest detail.

Infinix Hot 4 is a Multi-Slot Smartphone

An intuitive dual-sim card holder is the perfect option for balancing both work and life. Uniquely designed for custom configuration with simultaneous support for dual micro SIM cards and a 3GB memory card. If you need more space, simply insert a micro-SD to expand your storage.

Infinix Hot 4: Customized XOS

XOS is an Infinix exclusive customized operating system based on Android M, so it may not be running Nougat, Google’s latest OS anytime soon. The XOS Provides an excellent interactive experience with innovative features such as custom themes, smart cleanup, and Freezer. XOS will personalize your mobile experience while also decreasing power consumption by at least 30%.

Infinix Hot 4: 3D Texture

3D texture showcases exquisite metal pleat processing and takes inspiration from the intricacies of origami. A rigid structure has been combined with colorful 3D Texture to encapsulate youthfulness, beauty and personalized aesthetics.

Infinix Hot 4 Full Specification

*. Screen: 5.5″ HD Display
*. Memory: 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 32GB micro SD
*. CPU: MT6580 Quad Core Cortex; 1.3GHz
*. Operating System: XOS (Based on Android Marshmallow)
*. Camera: 8MP Back, 5MP Front
*. Battery: 4,000mAh
*. SIM: Dual micro
*. Finger-print reader, Bluetooth
*. Color: Black

Where to Buy Infinix Hot 4

You can buy the Infinix Hot 4 and get it shipped to your doorstep from online or visit the closest offline stores.

Infinix Hot 4 from Jumia, N36,900: Buy Here


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