iPhone 7, Plus, Pro Now on Pre-Order; Features, prices, specs

The iPhone 7, Plus and  Pro – (yes, three versions, despite rumors claiming the contrary), courtesy of Goldgenie – release date is drawing closer. Though the news spinning on the web about Apple’s next iPhone are just rumors but leaks far from reputable sources have given us almost concrete information to hold on to.

As at yesterday, pre-order for Apple’s yet-to-be-unveiled iPhone 7, Plus and Pro went “live” in Dubai. Goldgenie, a gift and specialist gold-plating company begun accepting pre-orders for the new iPhone devices. The smartphones come in gold, platinum and rose gold in Swarovski and diamond-studded glory.

According to reports from emirates247, the London-based customisation specialist had until now been asking customers to register their interest for Apple’s forthcoming iPhone iteration, and begun accepting pre-orders for the hot new Apple device(s) as at 3PM yesterday.

It quoted Godgenie saying “You can secure your new iPhone 7 in 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum or Diamond encrusted styles,” 

Apple is yet to even acknowledge the existence of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, or the Pro version which industry experts predicts it will be unveiled as early as 7, September, 2016.

However, with Goldgenie accepting a 50 per cent payment for delivering the new iPhone 7 models once they’re launched, this may be an accidental confirmation of the size and specs of the new devices.

The upcoming iPhone(s) will probably look similar to the current generation, but could have an upgraded, bigger camera, pressure-sensitive home button and no 3.5mm headphone jack.

iPhone 7, Plus, Pro pre-orders Features, prices, specs

iPhone 7


Presently, Goldgenie has priced the Gold iPhone 7 (4.7-inch) starting Dh11,625 (£2,397) for the 64GB variant while the 128GB version will cost Dh12,110 (£2,497).

The variants adorned with Swarovski crystals will be a tad dearer – Dh12,110 (£2,497) for the 64GB version and Dh12,596 (£2,597) for the 128GB version.

For the extremely well-heeled, Goldgenie is offering the diamond version – Dh48,500 (£10,000) for the 128GB Diamond Rockstar version (4.7-inches) while the 5.5-inches version (iPhone 7 Plus) is on offer for a mere Dh53,350 (£11,000).

The Gold iPhone 7 Plus (5.5-inch) starts at Dh12,110 (£2,497) for the 64GB variant while the 128GB version will cost Dh12,596 (£2,597).

The variants adorned with Swarovski crystals is available for Dh12,596 (£2,597) for the 64GB version and Dh13,081 (£2,697) for the 128GB version.

The Gold iPhone 7 Pro (5.5-inch) range starts at Dh12,596 (£2,597) for the 64GB variant while the 128GB version will cost Dh13,081 (£2,697).

However, another leak tells a different story. A sheet with PCB components for the iPhone 7 shows a choice between 32GB and 128GB, plus a top version of 256GB (and no 64GB mentioned).

iPhone 7 may get a version with 256GB storage
iPhone 7 with 256GB storage?


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