MTN Mobile Electricity: Could This Be The Best Alternative to PHCN?

MTN Mobile Electricity has been around for a while now. In fact, it was launched sometime in April 2014 when MTN Nigeria signed a tripartite agreement with Nova Lumos BV and Schneider Electric to provide alternative and affordable electricity supply. I guess power supply was a bit stable then, compared to now, that’s why it is unpopular.

The Mobile Electricity Solution is an MTN SIM-enabled solar based system that will enable Nigerians to enjoy about 70watts of electricity. The energy generated is sufficient to power several household items including Fan, Radio set, Laptop Computer, Light Bulbs, TV set and Handset chargers.

The MTN-Lumos solar solution includes a large solar panel linked to an indoor storage unit that allows customers to access significant amounts of power on demand, day or night. The service is provided on a lease to own basis, and the cost is spread over a five-year term, payable in affordable payments via mobile phone from an MTN airtime account. Customers receive a full product warranty during the lease period, providing peace of mind and quality assurance.

MTN Mobile Electricity Kit


Indoor unit 300Wh
6 sockets at 12V DC
Large solar panel 80W
2 powerful LED room lights
USB adaptor
Mobile phone charger

MTN Mobile Electricity Price


The device is recharged either for 3 days at N133 per day with a total price of N400; N121 for 7 days with a total price of N850 or N110 for 30 days with a total price of N3,300.

Where to Buy MTN Mobile Electricity

You can purchase the MTN Mobile Electricity kit from any MTN service center nationwide.

It is linked to your MTN SIM for easy subscription wherever you are. It is affordable, reliable, comfortable and convenient. After 5 years of daily payments, you own the system. And NOTE! It works with 12V DC appliances only.


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