How Technology Is Revolutionalizing The Gaming Industry

Technology and the gaming industry have usually been close in view since they both started. There was a time when games were limited to playing on the open grounds, or the indoor games like scrabble, chess and the alternative board games like snakes and ladders. But now, due to the digital revolution, you can even play games while having a nice time on a social platform. 

Video games at the start, had been easy and without colors due to the fact that the consoles used then were not capable of running higher video games. The high-quality of video games has progressed substantially in these last decades and they have emerged as interactive.

Technology has honestly revolutionized the gaming enterprise in a number of methods. With the increasing acceptance of the usage of the internet and the developing technology like Virtual Reality pushing to the center stage, video games now have a new face and a new identity. Let’s discuss a few impacts of technology on the gaming industry.

Impacts of technology on the gaming industry

Improved Artificial Intelligence

Gaming Industry and Improved Artificial Intelligence
full-body gaming suit, you can take aim at a target in a video game simply by extending your arm.

Technically, artificial intelligence has been around from the very beginning of the gaming enterprise. What is genuinely new is the fact that it’s miles beginning to imitate humans increasingly more every day. In video games nowadays, enemies may employ the use of struggle tactics like flanking which is something very much like actual existence warfare. Artificial intelligence is getting much smart with every passing year.

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It has already gotten to the stage where it is far schooling a computer-managed participant to act like a human. It could truly be acknowledged as the most important technological development in video games because it’s the one that’s pretty responsible for the evolution of video games.

Connection Through Online Gaming

Connection Through Online Gaming

There is an additional industry of online video games which has been famous since its commencement. This is because it is a brand new manner of playing and interacting with human beings from different parts of the world. With the appearance of online gaming, multiplayer games acquired their most deserved recognition.

At one point, an online play has become a must-have detail that greatly affects the success of a brand new release. Thanks to the evolution of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), online gaming has grown to be a completely distinctive enjoyment today.

Interestingly, there are video games that have close to five million subscribers. Because of this, five million people are connected to each other via an internet society. However impossible it might have been some years back, it is a reality now. Online play is a separate entity of its own presently.

The Introduction Of Three-dimensional Play

The Introduction Of Three-dimensional Play

Two-dimensional games have their own obstacles. You are very much limited with them— top-down, platformers, and views. The possibilities of what you may do are going to be exhausted sooner or later. However, early platforms of three-dimensional gaming didn’t look that attractive either and were convoluted to a certain level.

Now, most three-dimensional video games have advanced pictures software program, they’re looking much better. The stride to the three-dimensional gaming world has changed something essential regarding the appearance of video games.

Enhanced Graphical Upgrades

Enhanced Graphical games in the gaming industry.

Once upon a time, games didn’t have complicated textures, shaders, or sprites which are found in all modern games today. As time passed, there had been major strides in the way graphics are furnished or rendered on gaming platforms.

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This technologically advanced era has apparently allowed for more suitable graphics with the aid of hardware improvements. The preceding era, alternatively, had confined processors. As a result, there wasn’t much that could be done to improve the uneven performances. The present time is the scene of high-speed hardware, which allows for more instructions, pixels, and shading—even on a significant scale.

Portability, Technology, and The Gaming Industry

Portability, Portability, and Gaming Industry


In the obsession for portability, how could we leave gaming behind? Gaming consoles have been miniaturized and made effortlessly portable. Consoles have evolved into something more resembling multimedia entertainment devices than dedicated gaming machines, it seems that everyone wants in on the widespread accessibility of the dominating mobile market model.

The result is that everyone can game everywhere at any time they choose to. All that is required is a flick of the on switch. This put an end to having to move television and consoles around. Reputedly, the technology behind portable gaming had been slow but the distinctiveness about being able to game anytime and in any location is simply undeniable.


We will all agree that gaming has now moved from being something for just youngsters to something that humans of all ages can enjoy. Where is video game technology heading to? With online game technology improving so fast and far from what it started out as we surely cannot predict the gaming industry even within the next couple of years. What we know for sure is that technology is pushing the gaming industry full force ahead.


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