Tecno Phantom 6, 6 Plus Coming September – What To Expect

Tecno Phantom 6 and 6 Plus, the 2016 latest flagship Android smartphone from TECNO mobile is coming this September. Been powered with the best features out there, the latest addition to the Tecno Phantom series is. without a doubt, going to be the best Tecno phone yet – the successful selfie #C9ja Tecno Camon C9 and the upcoming Camon C9 pro are in for a show. 

After launching the ‘smartphone of the yearTecno Phantom 5 in Nigeria, which served as 2015 Tecno Flagship Phone, The Chinese company is looking at repeating history by launching an upgraded version of Phantom 5, as 2016 Flagship Smartphone.

This is not the first time they are trying to outwit themselves. Recall Tecno L8 that was popular for its massive 5050mAh battery, it’s successor, Tecno L8 Plus, released, later on, came with same battery specs but a bigger RAM size. Same this applies the Camon portfolio-  from Tecno Camon C9C8C7, all the way to C5.

Now, what is so special about the to-be 2016 Tecno flagship smartphone? Here’s everything you need to know about the Tecno Phantom 6 and 6 Plus:

Quick Look at Tecno Phantom 6, 6 Plus

Product History : Tecno Mobile launched the “Phantom” as a name to represent their best smartphone for the year.

It dates back to 2013 when the Phantom A (F7) was unveiled and TECNO continued on that path with the launch of Phantom Z , Z mini , last year’s Phantom 5 and the new Tecno Phantom 6, 6plus

  • Launch Date : Announced September 2016.
  • Product Line : “Phantom Series”
  • Major Improvement : Design Overhaul , New Operating System , New user interface (HiOs) , More RAM ,  Battery , Fingerprint Reader
  • Price Range : #115,000 – #125,000
  • Price Rating : HIGH —– (Expensive)


From all the rumours flying around, we know that Phantom 6, 6 plus will have the USB Type-C.

Phantom 6 and phantom 6 plus will have the USB Type C.

TECNO has replaced the various Type-B and Type-A connectors and cables with a standard one. The USB Type-C is a USB specification for a small 24-pin reversible plug connector for USB devices and USB cabling.

There are two main reasons this will totally fly; first, the USB Type-C charger allows you charge with both sides like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone does. There won’t be problems of you being careful not to dent your charging port because you are forcing a wrong side in.

Secondly, the USB Type-C has the latest quick charge technology that helps you charge your device from 0-60% in just 30 minutes. This means that the days of waiting for 4 hours for your phone to fully charge has been eliminated.

Wireless Charging

Tecno Phantom 6, 6plus Wireless chaging

Another big scoop of Phantom 6, 6 plus is that it is expected to support a more rapid rate of wireless charging, provided you pair it with a quick charge 2.0 Adaptive fast charger which might also come with the device. It is capable of fast charging around 2A instead of the standard 1A you get from most wireless chargers, making it around 1.4x faster. There might also be a standard LED to indicate when the device is charging.

Considering people’s experiences, it is safe to say once bitten, twice shy. I have said this in reference to the Samsung recalling the Note 7 due to battery cell issue. This will be a huge improvement if it eventually makes it to the upcoming Phantom devices.

Now, let’s take a bird’s eye look on the yet to be released series one at a time.

Tecno Phantom 6 Specs Sheet (Key Details)

These are Tecno Phantom 6 Specs , Featuring a 5.5-inch screen, 3GB RAM , Android 6.0 Marshmallow and 4050mAh battery.

Please note that nothing is official. We await full details from TECNO when they unveil the Phantom 6 later this month.

  • SIM Type: Dual SIM
  • 4GLTE : YES
  • OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow with HiOs
  • Display: 5.5 IPS Full HD Touchscreen
  • Build: Metal body that is 4.69mm thick
  • Colours: Champagne Gold
  • Weight : N/A
  • Processor Type: 2.1Ghz Deca-Core MediaTek Helio x20 Chipset (saves 30% more battery life)
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Internal Storage: 32GB
  • External Storage: Yes , up to 128GB
  • Back Camera : 21MP Single Camera with LED Flash
  • Front Camera : Yet to be confirmed
  • Battery: 4050mAh (Non-removable)
  • Security : Iris Scanner
  • Augmented Reality (AR) : Yes
  • USB TYPE-C : Yes

Where to Buy Tecno Phantom 6

Jumia Nigeria – Tecno Phantom 6 VIEW OFFER

Tecno Phantom 6 Plus Specs Sheet

  • SIM Type: Dual SIM
  • 4GLTE : YES
  • OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow with HiOs
  • Display: 5.95 IPS Full HD Touchscreen
  • Build: Metal body that is 7.7 mm slim
  • Colours: Champagne Gold
  • Weight : N/A
  • Processor Type: 2.1Ghz Deca-Core MediaTek Helio x20 Chipset (saves 30% more battery life)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Internal Storage: 64GB
  • External Storage: Yes , up to 128GB
  • Back Camera : 21-megapixel dual camera (two cameras) with auto focus & LED
  • Front Camera : Yet to be confirmed
  • Battery: 4050mAh (Non-removable)
  • Security : Fingerprint Reader & Iris Scanner
  • Augmented Reality (AR) : Yes

Where to Buy Tecno Phantom 6 Plus

Jumia Nigeria – Tecno Phantom 6 VIEW OFFER

A Closer Look at Tecno Phantom 6, 6 Plus

Body Design

Tecno Phantom 6 body design

Tecno Phantom 6 is a 5.5inch device with a revamped metal design that is incredibly slim and houses a huge 4050mAh battery.

The body consists of 5 layers of metals to give durability. The phone is anti-scratch and has corning gorilla glass 3.0 to protect the screen against falls.


Tecno Phantom 6, 6 plus body size

Tecno Phantom 6 is 4.9mm thick while Phantom 6 plus is 7.7mm thick ; we can’t help but wonder how a 4050mAh battery got in and still maintained a slim profile.


In terms of Hardware , Both Phantom 6 and 6 plus ships with a 2.1Ghz Deca-Core MediaTek Helio x20 Chipset that is very fast. Helio X20 chipset requires less power and saves 30% of the battery life.


The Phantom 6 comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage , while Phantom 6 plus has 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage with an SD CARD Slot of up to 128GB.

Operating System

Both devices run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow Operating system with TECNO’s Custom User Interface called the HiOs.


Tecno Phantom 6 battery

For Power , they rely on a non-removable 4050mAh battery with quick charge technology to charge faster.


The Back camera on the Phantom 6 & 6+ has a 21MP resolution , however , the camera has a slightly different setup from what we’re used to on normal devices.

Tecno Phantom 6, 6 plus camera

Both devices have a dual rotating camera (Two Cameras) ; just like what we saw on the HTC M9 which launched earlier this year.

The dual camera on Tecno Phantom 6/6+ will offer users both manual and automatic control options, a totally Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera (DSLR) feature.

With this kind of specs , Phantom 6 dethrones Tecno Camon C9 as the best camera smartphone from TECNO mobile.

Tecno Phantom 6 Plus v Phantom 6

I’m sure by now you’re wondering the difference between the Phantom 6 plus and the Phantom 6.

Both devices are different and similar in many ways :

  • Phantom 6 Plus comes with a bigger Screen
  • It has more RAM than the phantom 6
  • Phantom 6 plus comes with both fingerprint reader and iris scanner , while phantom 6 supports only iris scanner

Tecno Phantom 6 Price In Nigeria

There’s no word on how much the Phantom 6 / 6+ will cost. Tecno is yet to officially launch them , however , based on the current price of last year’s phantom 5 , we’re speculating the price to fall within the range of N115,000 – N125,000.

Jumia Nigeria – Tecno Phantom 6- VIEW OFFER

Jumia Nigeria – Tecno Phantom 6 Plus- VIEW OFFER

Now over to you , what do you think of the Tecno Phantom 6? A hit or a miss? Drop your comment!.


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