itel Mobile is Giving Away Free itel1516 Plus Android Smartphone

The Nigeria’s 56th Independence celebration is coming with many goodies and itel mobile is setting the pace. Itel 1516Plus is the first device from the company to be featuring a long-lasting battery and if you haven’t already, you should check out the itel plus review, then head back here because itel mobile is giving away free itel1516 Plus Android smartphone.

According to Itel, you need to bargain before you can get the free it1516 Plus. The offer/promo started October 1st and is ending by October 14th 2016, same day Genii Games Animated Series will be launched. So, here is your chance to win the first ever smartphone from the company to spec such large battery and RAM size.

This Free itel1516 Plus giveaway is open to all folks everywhere such contests are legal. There are two options and if you complete them all you’ll have the maximum chance at winning!

How to participate and win free itel1516 Plus

All you need is your Facebook account and the following instructions.

  • Click HERE to visit the official itel 1516plus promo page where you will be told to login with your Facebook account. After you are logged in, Press the “Bargain now!” After  that, press the “Bargain now” again then the price of the phone will be deduct randomly.
  • Now press “share to friends” button to share the promo info to your friends and family. The more friends to use your link to login and bargain, the more money will be deducted from the price of the phone, and the more chances for you to win.
  • You will get the award according to your final performance.

How Winners are selected

Participants who got a bargain price to 0.01 NGN will win one it1516 Plus for free. Participants who got a bargain price between 0.02-12100 NGN (half the price of it1516 Plus, which may vary in different countries) will get it1516 Plus at half price.

  • When the activity is over, itel Mobile will release the list of winners and the involved shops on the Facebook page.
  •  itel Mobile reserves the right of final interpretation for this activity.

Participants who found cheating will be disqualified from attending any itel activities in the future. HURRY UP and participate while the Bargain lasts. #PowerAlwaysOn #itelMobile. Join and enjoy.


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