14 Profitable Jobs You Can Do While Waiting For Your NYSC Posting

Many undergraduates are told that NYSC posting – National Youth Service Corps comes immediately after school. If you are lucky you will probably spend only a few months waiting for your NYSC call-up letter. However, a large pool of graduates spends a significant amount of time waiting to be posted. Typically, this time is spent doing nothing particularly useful which is sad because time lost can never be regained.

As a recent graduate, you can work and earn real money during this period of waiting. We have compiled a list of some jobs you can engage in while you await your NYSC posting. You can also fall back on some of these jobs if you happen to find yourself back to the waiting line even after your service year.

Before we delve into the online money making ideas, you should know that this is not limited to those waiting for NYSC posting only. Those long holidays students spend at home can be put to profitable use.  I’ve been using the Internet since I was at the peak of Senior Secondary School. At that time, it was just a fun for me.

I started by been a mere member and later, contributor to some popular forums like Nairaland and Guruslodge, I came to know about online money making ideas. My first income was $60 (around 18,000 Naira). That was not a big amount, but enough for motivation. Let’s come to the topic and know the proven methods making money online.

Jobs To Do Before NYSC Posting

Some of the profitable you can do while waiting for the clarion call are:

#1. iCenter

iCenter generates income from various partners in the distinct areas of Crypto Mining, trading and exchange, Multi level Marketing, high-yield investment program (HYIP’s) and Arbitrage sports betting. By diversifying the investments thru various “partners”, the risk of failure gets minimized to a very insignificant percentage. However, the risk of this investment is high and so are the returns. iCenter will take your cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH.. and invest them for profit in a diversified portfolio.  Read more guide on it works.

#2. Freelance Writer

Work as Freelance Writer before NYSC posting
Work as Freelance Writer before NYSC posting

If you have a good command of English and you don’t suck at putting your thoughts on paper, you should consider becoming an online or freelance writer. You don’t need to be a pro to become one as there are many jobs available for amateur writers online and you can make a reasonable income from your home while on them too.

However these jobs won’t come knocking on your door, for a chance to nail a freelance writing gig, you should;

  • Research about online writing or talk to people that are already involved in the business. Looking up job offers on freelancing sites will help. Some of the sites are Listverse, TopTens, iWriter, etc.
  • Determine the kind of content you are interested in working on, you may opt for rewriting articles or writing new content about a particular subject such as science or fashion.
  • Advertise your business; you can start by advertising on WINThrills or Nairaland. You should also register on free platforms like Asuqu or Fiverr that facilitate online buying and selling of services
  • Be good at what you do.

#3. Web development/ web designing

Web development and web designing jobs before NYSC posting

Regardless of your course of study as an undergraduate, you can venture into web design or development if you haven’t already.

You can utilise the free time before your NYSC posting to take free courses in coding. W3schoolsCodecademy and freeCodeCamp are great online resources to help you get acquainted with codes.  If you have at least 3 months of waiting to do, you should consider joining the Switch Fellowship. They are based in Lagos and will teach you coding for free.

Do your research, start with the basics and you can go on to choose a programming language to start with. With a little bit of coding skill, you may find a team of developers that will be willing to allow you, work, learn and earn at the same time. Even if you don’t, coding is an interesting way to keep yourself engaged and it is one skill you can always fall back on in the future. If you have sufficient skills in coding, you should register on platforms like Fiverr or Asuqu to source for jobs.

#4. Online tutoring Before NYSC posting

 online tutor job before NYSC posting

You have probably never considered lecturing online. Well if you are going to be stuck in the house for months waiting for your NYSC posting and you are a guru in any academic area, you should probably give this a thought.

There are people online who are ready to share your knowledge for a price and online platforms like TotalPrep are on the ground to connect you to them. You can also source for jobs on free freelance websites. So you can start a science class or an algebra class or even move away from academics and do something more creative like giving lessons on a skill.

You can also register on ProTeach or PrepClass if you prefer to give physical lessons instead. Don’t forget to advertise your business; talk to family, friends and use social media too.

#5. Video Blogging

Video blogging to earn before NYSC posting

A video is more understandable than a text article. For that reason, many people have started their career as a video blogger. With so much time on your hand, while waiting for NYSC call-up, you use that fancy smartphone to get started. After making a video you can publish it to YouTube. You can also get paid For streaming live on Facebook.

Then you just need to monetize your videos with Google Adsense. After that, you’ll get paid for every visitor who watches your video. Adsense is the best way to earn with contents and videos. Make your own YouTube channel, upload unique videos, monetize and make money online. So, simple.

#6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing job before NYSC

Affiliate marketing is the another easiest way to make money online before NYSC program. Nowadays, many people are jumping to this field for making money. If you don’t know what is Affiliate marking, then it’s simple meaning is reselling.

If a seller is selling a product, and you help him to increase his selling the seller gives you a commission. In that way, you became an affiliate and this is all about Affiliate marketing. You can promote a product through your blog or website or your social networks. You can also sell products through email. Isn’t it easy?

There are many e-commerce sites like Jumia, Konga, and Kaymu, which have an affiliate program. You can join them directly or can join through a third-party website like WINThrillsnetwork.com

#7. Translation

Transalate to earn while waiting for NYSC posting

If you are bilingual or fluent in more than one foreign language then working as an online translator may be the best way to pass time and earn cash too as you wait for your NYSC posting. With increasing number of businesses trying to reach more customers around the world, translation services are increasingly being sought after too

Getting started is easy especially with freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr at your disposal. Alternatively, you can sign up with a website that employs online translators like Gengo.

Take advantage of other platforms too; advertise your new business on social media, WINThrills, Nairaland etc. You never know where your potential customers are hiding.

#8. Blogging

Blogging before NYSC service

In my opinion, there is nothing better than Blogging. If you have a reason to attract visitors, then you can make a handsome amount of money through blogging. It is for those people, who are expert in their field; it may be technology, coding, guiding, cooking, health, fashion, etc. There are thousands of niche you can choose from to start your journey.

How to make money with Blogging?

1) Advertisement: You can monetize your contents and earn money from blogging. Some of the top online advertising companies are Adsense, Media.net, Chitika, infolinks, Nairapp, Adsterra, and lots more etc.

2) Sponsored Posts & Reviews: After becoming famous in the online industry, you’ll get a chance to review products of your niche. This is also the best way to make money online before your service year. If your blog has a decent ranking and authority, then different companies will automatically offer you for sponsored post.

#9. Data / Airtime Resell Business

Data / Airtime Resell Business

Today, selling data MB from MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel is trending in Nigeria. You can read up the guide on how to become a data reseller on Glo here, That of MTN here. All you need is your internet enable smartphones and you are a god to go. Why not go through my reseller plans here.

Also selling Airtime has gone beyond setting up an umbrella stand along the streets. Why not advertise on your Facebook walls, to Blackberry contacts as well as WhatsApp contacts. You will be amazed how little incomes per day can turn into mega bucks at the end of every month.

#10. Transcription

typing out audio files

Have you considered making money from typing out audio files? If you have good typing skills and you are stuck at home waiting for the NYSC posting, you should give this a thought. Starting a transcription business is not so hard and you can make good money from it too.

Before you start, do your research, practice and decide if you want to provide general transcription services or focus on a particular area e.g medical or legal. Go on to advertise your business and source for jobs, Upwork and social media are good places to source for freelance transcription jobs

#11. Graphic design

Graphic design job

Graphic design is a skill that can be learned by anyone and contrary to what a lot of people think, you don’t need to be good at drawing to be a good designer.  You can make money from designing logos, flyers, book covers, business cards e.t.c.  If you have sufficient skills in graphics design, head on to freelancing platforms to source for jobs, you should also market your skills offline too.

If you know nothing about it, you don’t need any formal education to be a good graphic designer. You can learn on your own and this is a good way to invest the time you will spend waiting for your NYSC posting. You can start by taking free online graphic design courses and reading relevant books. Check out Shaw Academy, Alison and other online resources for free courses.

#12. Singer and songwriter

Singing and songwriting to earn before NYSC

If you have a good voice and can gain access to a music studio, then you may have customers waiting. Online platforms like Fiverr and Asuqu can connect you to people in need of your vocal powers.

You don’t have to do the singing if you can’t, you can simply stick to songwriting instead if you can handle it. You can also specialize in providing DJ drops, or commercial jingles. Just head on to freelancing sites like Fiverr to source for jobs.

#13. Sales consultant for an online store

ales consultant for an online store

If you have good negotiation and persuasion skills, then this one is for you. Large online stores like Jumia and Konga sell through sales consultants.

Jumia runs a sales consultant scheme that pays consultants commissions when they sell items supplied by the store. There are no special qualifications for this role and all you will need to get started is a phone or laptop connected to the internet.

#14. Digital marketing

Digital marketing

As a digital marketer you can market services on the internet from the comfort of your home and get paid, this makes it another interesting job you can do while you are chilling for the clarion call.

If you have no experience in digital marketing, Google’s free digital skill training is a good place to start. You can become a good digital marketer if you are willing to spend time learning the required skills and you have the resources to help you. Upwork, Fiverr and Asuqu are platforms where you can source for jobs.

Final Words

All these fourteen points are the best ways to make money online while you wait for NYSC posting. If there are millions of people are making money online, then why not you? No one has control over NYSC call-up letter but you have total control of your time. Invest it wisely!


I am an Electrical Engineer and a blogger who loves to share about latest Tech news, Online money making ideas, Gadget reviews, Security, Computers, Android etc. You can capture him on: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, BBM, Telegram.

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