19 Computer Tricks That Are Too Awesome to be Shared!

Computer tricks essentially have made using PC to be less work and more fun. Computers have simplified our life to a great extent. Things that were impossible earlier can now be completed instantly thanks to computers. They come stuff with awesome tricks that you may never find out throughout the PC’s lifespan. Even computer geeks might know most of the computer shortcuts but hold on. You might want to check these too!

Reddit users are good coming up with clever tricks — especially on computers. And in one post, a Redditor asked fellow users what computer tricks everyone should know. People submitted a wealth of tricks for Macs, PCs, web browsers, specific sites like YouTube, programs like Excel, and more. There is a handful of Computer tricks I researched out from other sources too.

What they all had in common was that using these tips, users can increase their productivity on the computer and make their overall computer experience a lot more enjoyable. After going through the tricks, we found the best 19 Computer tricks that are too awesome to be shared!

20 Computer Tricks You Should Know

1. Don’t use Ctrl+Alt+Del!

Don’t use Ctrl+Alt+Del

If you do, you will permanently delete the file. Use Control+Shift+Escape instead! It goes directly to the task manager! Then when you are absolutely sure you won’t be needing the file anymore, Ctrl+Alt+Del it.

2. Accidentally closed a tab? Get it Back

You accidentally close a tab and wish to get it back? Or your PC accidentally shut down and you want to get back all tabs previously opened on your browser? To get back a tab you closed, just press “Control” (or “Command” on Mac), plus “Shift,” plus “T,” and it will magically reappear.

Source: Reddit.

3. Tired of that boring GIF?

Computer tricks

Are you feeling really sick of watching that boring GIF go again and again? Worry not! Press Escape to halt animated GIFs that are distracting. Yeah, Graphic designers hate me!

4. How to screenshot only part of the screen you want.


If you only need to screenshot part of the screen, there’s a simple way to do it for both Windows and Macs.

For Mac: “Command,” plus “Shift,” plus “4” brings up the tool. Then you just drag the area you want.

For Windows: Just go to “Start” and then “Snipping Tool.”

Source: Reddit.


5. A site that has right-click disabled? and you can’t steal stuff?

You have a major project to submit tomorrow and you finally found the site you dreamed of! But It has it’s right-click disabled and you can’t copy stuff from there? I know your first choice is to use the allow copy browser addon but Don’t you worry child!


Putting the above code into a favorite/shortcut on the toolbar re-enables browser right click.

6. Easily repeat your last command in Excel

repeat your last command in Excel

If you press the F4 button in Excel, it repeats the last command.

Here’s an example given on Reddit: “If you select a cell and highlight it yellow, you can then highlight any other selected cell(s) yellow by pressing F4.”

Source: Reddit.

7. A simple way to clear your cache?

Clear Cache


CTRL + SHIFT + R = Clear cache and refresh the page. Easy-peasy!

8. Make a copy of a file by just dragging it.

Copy a file using PC tweak

All you have to do to make a copy of a file on a Mac is hold the “Alt” key (“Control” if you are using a PC) and then click and drag the file. This will make a copy that you can drop anywhere you want by un-clicking.

Source: Reddit.

9. How to access Paywall sites?

Access Paywall sites tricks

Some websites like washingtonpost.com allow you a certain number of free stories per month before you hit a paywall. To continue taking the benefits, just delete the cookies from the site and it will reset your count. Alternatively, you can browse it in incognito mode (Yes, It’s not only for porn!)

10. Reverse search an image in Chrome?

Reverse Image Search computer tricks

Hold S and right click an image to do a reverse image search in Google Chrome. That means you’ll be able to see where that photo is and where it potentially originated.

11. Pause YouTube with one click, or skip backward and forward 10 seconds.

Most people know you can hit the space bar to pause a YouTube video, but sometimes this causes it to scroll down the page if you haven’t already clicked on the video. If you press “K,” this will play (or pause) the video every time.

Hitting the “J” key will cause you to go backward 10 seconds, while hitting the “L” key will make you go forward 10 seconds.

Source: Reddit.

12. How to find the website that is dead now?

How to access dead website

Many a time, We find a website that is offline and you cannot seem to access it. Copy the URL to archive.org… they often have a preserved copy.

13. Move your window to any side of the screen, or to the next monitor

Move your window to any side of the screen, or to the next monitor.


If you click the “Windows” key, plus one of the arrows (right, left, up, down), your current window will move to that side of the screen.

Similarly, “Windows,” plus “Shift,” plus one of the arrows will move your window into whatever monitor is that way (right, for example).

Unfortunately, this only works for Windows machines.

Source: Reddit.

14. Lock your computer in second

Lock your computer in seconds

On a Windows machine, hit “Windows,” plus  “L” to lock your computer. This can be fun for pranks.

On a Mac click “Command,” plus “Option,” plus “Eject.” (Or “Power” if your computer doesn’t have an optical drive.)

Source: Reddit.

15. Prank Friends by rotating their screen

Freak people out by rotating their screen.

If you press “Control” plus “Alt” plus one of the arrow keys, it will rotate your screen that way. Note: this doesn’t work for all computers (and only on Windows), but when it does, it can seriously play pranks on someone using this computer trick.

Source: Reddit.

16. Turn your browser window into a simple text editor / notepad.

Turn your browser window into a simple text editor / notepad

If you want to bring up a basic text editor you can type in, just paste the below code into the address bar in your browser. You’ll open a new tab that you can write in. You can even save it.

data:text/html, <title>Text Editor</title><body contenteditable style=”font-size:2rem;font-family:georgia;line-height:1.4;max-width:60rem;margin:0 auto;padding:4rem;”>


Copy and paste this into the address bar:


17. Edit what you Chrome browser looks like

Edit what you Chrome browser looks like.

If you want to play a trick on someone, and send them a fake screenshot of something that never existed, there’s an easy way in Chrome. First you bring up the console by pressing “F12.”

Then you enter: document.designMode = “on”

After this, you can edit any of the text that appears on the screen.

Source: Reddit.

18. Disable Facebook’s Autoplay Video option!

Disable Facebook’s Autoplay Video option

We all know the struggles you face every time a video pops up on Facebook and it won’t stop without playing it fully!

Here’s the fix: navigate to facebook.com/settings. On the left side you’ll see ‘video’ – click on it and you’ll be presented with an option to turn off autoplay.

19. Reset your browser so it’s not zoomed in

Reset your browser so it's not zoomed in

  • “Control” (or “Command” on Mac) plus “0” resets it to default
  • “Control” (or “Command” on Mac) plus “+” zooms in
  • “Control” (or “Command” on Mac) plus “-” zooms out

Source: Reddit.


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