20 Important Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone or iPad on iOS 9 to 9.3.3

To jailbreak iPhone or not to? As an iOS user, you might have heard the word jailbreak. What is jailbreaking? Why is it important to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? In this article, you will learn what jailbreaking is all about and get to know 20 important reasons jailbreak and gain root file permission on an iOS 9 to 9.3.3 device.

The word rooting on Android device is equivalent to jailbreak on iOS devices. This will enable you get access to customize your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch the way you like. Every mobile operation systems has security limitations and the iOS is no exception.

Jailbreaking is the process of obtaining root access to the iOS system files and removing software restrictions imposed by Apple. Apple adds a ton of new features every year in the new iOS version. There is still so many things you can do on a jailbroken device that can’t be done on standard non-jailbroken device. So why jailbreak? Read on.

Important Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone or iPad

Here are some of the top reasons you should jailbreak your iOS device:

#1. Themes

Themes allows you to transform the look and feel of your iPhone or iPad. Jailbreaking allows you to apply different skins to your iOS device. If you want to apply a personal look to your iPhone or iPad, then you can easily do it with the various themes using a whole bunch of apps from the App Store giving your iPhone that great look nobody else has.

#2. Animation and Customization

Animations makes your digital devices come alive. After jailbreaking your iPhone, you can download and apply different animations to so many areas that seems to have never existed. By using various tweaks, you can easily customize the look and feel of your device. such as maximize the number of apps in the dock, change the period of the system animations, remove the page limits, hide icons of inbuilt apps, resize apps icons and much more.

#3. Enable Live Photo

The iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and SE models comes with the live photo feature. If your iPhone was gotten before these models, then the Live photo option won’t be available to you. Getting this feature on your iOS device is only possible though jailbreaking. You can take live photos on any older device running iOS 9 to 9.3.3.

#4. Split Screen with Multitask

Split screen with multitask feature comes by default on larger screen devices like iPad. The multitasking feature enables your device to run two apps simultaneously on the same screen. It not only saves your time but also increase your productivity. There are so many possibilities you can do with the multitasking feature. Therefore, you need to jailbreak your iPhone on iOS 9 to 9.3.3 to enable this feature.

#5. File Manager

It is almost impossible to see your music and videos files as well as other system files on an iOS device. Though iOS 9 to 9.3.3 includes an app for iCloud Drive but it is still very limited to explore things. iFile on jailbroken devices gives the possibility to access your devices internal files. Also, it allows you to modify text files and property lists, which can be very handy sometimes.

#6. Get iPad Features on iPhone

As sited in #3 above, using the jailbreak, you can get tons of iPad exclusive features on your iPhone. Get the ability to play a picture in picture video using an iPhone with an easy tweak. It is so well made, very well optimized and works super well.

#7. Enable Night Mode

One of the biggest gripes with iOS 9 to 9.3.3 is the lack of a night mode. With a Jailbreak, you can quickly reduce eyestrain with a night mode. It’s customizable color wise mode works well in iOS. You’d be surprised to know how comfortable your eyes feel after adding this tweak, especially if you tend to use your iPhone just before sleeping. In addition to this, it also helps you get rid of that spooky glow on your face when using your iPhone at night.

#8. Remove Unnecessary Features

iOS 9 to 9.3.3 has some extra features that don’t come to use but as a part of the system they use your system resources. By applying a simple Cydia tweak, you can easily get rid of them. This tweak not only helps to remove unwanted features but also increase your device’s performance.

#9. Set Default Apps

To setting up third-party apps as default apps is currently not available on iOS 9 to 9.3.3. It only allows the system apps to set as default apps. Thanks to jailbreak, which permits the system apps as well as third-party apps to set as default apps; such as you can set Google Maps as the default app instead of Apple’s Maps app and switch the default Internet browser with another one.

#10. Improve the Camera

The iPhone’s camera is one of the best smartphone camera available on the market. Let’s make it better, using Cydia tweak. With this tweak. you can take pictures from the home screen faster without needing to open the camera app. Disable flash while recording a video. it has the ability to pause and resume recording without needing to cut and start a new clip. Also the ability to quickly reverse cameras by tapping on the display and go to your front facing camera.

#11. Lock folders and App with Touch ID

Tired of people going through your phone without your permission? An iPhone or iPad with root access opens the possibilities to apply different security tweaks on your device. With various locker apps, you can protect your folders and apps with Touch ID.

#12. Customize Social Media Apps

Another important reason to jailbreak is the ability to customize social media applications. Snapchat allows the users to share their location with their contacts. By applying a tweak, you can easily spoof your friends by showing them a different place of the world. This is a really cool feature for iOS devices. Even you can change the functions and feel in various social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.

#13. Change System Font

Android phones like Samsung phones have the ability to change system fonts which look really cool. You can easily get this feature on your jailbroken iPhone and iPad. It permits you to change and modify the font in apps, Lock screen, and more. Apply your favorite font on your device and change the way of reading.

#14. Unlock Bluetooth Functionality

Bluetooth connection on Apple phones can only be done between itself. It does not allow connection with other brands. You can actually unlock this limited functionality and transfer any file to any iPhone or other similar divices.

#15. Make Your Device Faster

This might be very useful for older iPhones with iOS 9 to 9.3.3. This is the same tweak which actually exist on Android devices, and it works without rooting to enhance the performance. After applying this tweak, you can feel the significant changes on loading different apps.

#16. Improve Battery Life

It’s no longer news that Battery life on iPhone sucks. Longer battery live is only obtainable on the the Plus series due to it’s larger batter but on smaller iPhones,  the battery life is very poor. With Jailbreaking technique, you can increase your battery life even further than Apple’s new iOS 9 to 9.3.3 battery saving features.

#17. Face Down Sleep

Face down sleep is a feature developed by Ron ThakrarAt. Once installed on your iOS device, you don’t need to configure or setup. You simply place your iPhone’s face down and the device goes to sleep. This tweak is very userful power-saving feature for many who regularly leaves their screen on. No need to use power button button to dim or lock your iPhone display since this function will now be automated.

#18. Increase Your Storage

Jailbreaking allows you increase and maximize the storage capacity in iOS devices by removing so many files you don’t need. Even the Over The Air updates Apple loads on your device without your permission can be controlled. So, whether your you have the 16GB variant or not, you too can be in charge of your phones storage.

#19. Emulators

Emulators are the applications which allows you to simulate or use other platforms right on your device. You can use emulators to play games from Play Station and other gaming platforms. And the best thing is Apple can not remove them; they are permanent.

#20. Don’t Need to Update for New Features

With every new flagship phone released by Apple comes new features in form of software and hardware. With your device jailbroken, these new feature can be easily gotten on your iOS device without waiting for further updates.


With these 20 important reasons to Jailbreak iPhone or iPad on iOS 9 to 9.3.3, you will have total control of your device. At your own pace, you can try new features and tweaks on your iOS device. Is there any other points you will like to add to this list? Let us know by using the comment box below.


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