5 Smart Ways To Stop Thieves From Using Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phone theft has increased over the years. With the rate at which cell phones are becoming smarter, fancier, more popular, and more expensive, they are increasingly liable to be stolen. Even though the hardware is prize enough, many thieves are more interested in accessing your personal information and potentially, stealing your identity to use for online fraud.

Many of us have lost a phone to thieves before. The experience is very bitter. Annoyingly, the phone will disappear without your knowledge. After the phone has grown wings, that is it and many of us scarcely do anything about it. We just move on. Meanwhile, the phone thief is confidently using your phone calling your friends and demanding for money.

Many have fallen victim to this theft. you’d do well to find out how to ensure it’s difficult for thieves to get anything out of it. Or, at the very least, how you can stop thieves from using your stolen mobile phone. Here are 5 steps to make mobile phone thieves feel the heat.

5 Smart Ways To Stop Thieves From Using Your Mobile Phone

#1. Block the SIM card

Most times, the SIM card is the first thing thieves get rid of when they steal your phone. Others do not bother to remove it but they won’t pick your calls. Since you are using your phone to perform all sorts of transactions, you should contact your service provider immediately to block it.

#2. Lock it

You can simply setup a password that will prevent others from using your phone. The code will be activated when an unauthorized person accesses it. In some cases, when you lock it, it will render the phone completely unusable.

#3. Use your phone’s built-in features

There are phone features that you can activate to prepare your phone for any theft. On Android phones, you can use the Android Device Manger. You can access the manager online and it will help you locate your phone. On iOS, you have to set up find my phone feature. You can use it to find, text and wipe your device. You can do all these when the phone is switched on.

Insure your phone

For Nigerians who use expensive phones, they can insure it. It will be replaced by the insurance firm. You don’t need to worry about your device being stolen. But that doesn’t mean you should be careless.

Report to the police

You can also make a report to the police. They can help you launch a manhunt to get back your phone.


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