Andela Launches Student Ambassador Program (ASAP) for Universities

The Andela Student Ambassador Program (ASAP),  designed for students who wants to be pace-setters in a technology-driven world has been launched in Nigeria. This is born out of Andela’s desire to develop a community of high-quality technology talent across the African continent that will drive the current and future phases of tech-enabled growth around the world.

So, if you are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate study and have a strong network with student organizations; if you are, at least, a 300 level student with interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills, then you are perfect for this gig.

For starters, Andela is the coolest tech inclined community in town. They seeks to identify high-potential developers on the African continent, shape them into world-class technical leaders, and pair them with companies as full-time, distributed team members. This is exactly what the ASAP program is bringing to the university campus.

They are that good at what they do to the extent that Facebook founder, Marck Zuckerberg invested $24 Million Dollars . That was why the Andela Amity Campus in Lagos was one of the first places he went to, and met with nearly 200 software developers, and the leadership team during his visit to Nigeria. Now, here is your chance to be part of the team.

About Andela Student Ambassador Program

This program is aimed at engaging resourceful Student Ambassadors to lead Andela campaigns and events in their universities and communities to create awareness about Andela and contribute to the development of technology leaders in Africa.

Being an Andela Student Ambassador requires an understanding of the Andela Fellowship, its model of operation and ethos. It takes someone who can lead, inspire others and get things done. The Andela Student Ambassador aspires to accomplish beyond what is expected and is passionate and enthusiastic about software development.

As an Andela Student Ambassador, you will work with the Andela team to tailor program initiatives to campus-specific opportunities.

Responsibilities of an Andela Student Ambassador

Some of your responsibilities as Student Ambassador would be to:

  • Invest 10 hours monthly in Andela-related initiatives and activities
  • Plan four (4) Andela events over a period of 12 months (1 per quarter)
  • Create an Andela ListServ for your university
  • Attain deep understanding of Andela and our program
  • Act as liaison between Andela and other communities on and off campus

Benefits of Joining Andela Student Ambassador Program

  • Preparation for leadership roles
  • Potential for an internship with Andela, based on performance
  • Observe Andela Bootcamp sessions
  • Participate in Andela events
  • Access to branded Andela merchandise
  • Significant marketing experience
  • Jumpstart your professional career

How to Join Andela Student Ambassador Program

This is the perfect campus job opportunity for you and if ready to be a student ambassador to Andela, submit 2 recommendation letters (1 from faculty member and the second from prior internship experience or another faculty member) to [email protected].

The Program typically runs for 1 year. Participants can apply at any time until October 26th, 2016. However, Andela reserves the sole discretion to end the program earlier.


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