How to boost Airtel 2G Data Plan to Get 3G Speed With 3G Booster Pro

Airtel recently released a cheap internet data plan that offers 2GB for ₦200 and 6GB for ₦500. Unfortunately, you will need to set your phone network preference to 2G to get this plan to access the internet. Glo 3G network also is very poor across the country even with their latest TGIF weekend/night plan. Many Airtel and Glo customers who have subscribed to this plan, are seeking for how to boost Airtel 2G data plan to get 3G speed. In this article, you will learn how to increase 2G internet speed to get of 3G speed using 3G Booster pro.

3G Booster pro is an android application that can be used to boost the 2G, 3G or 4G LTE internet connection up to 170%. This app is very useful to increase Airtel 2G data plan to get 3G data speed. To use this plan directly on PC is not an option. On mobile devices, the mobile internet connections starts getting sluggish no matter what you do and it creates lots of frustrations. Sometimes, if you want to update the status on Facebook, slow 2G internet connection won’t allow you to do so.

Those who have low RAM space in their smartphones will be most affected because most of the time the internet sucks. If you are one of those who is fed up of Airtel 2G slow data plan or any other slow data connection, then don’t worry as you can now optimize your internet speed especially on your android device. Loaded with lots of powerful features, 3G Booster app delivers a stable mobile internet connectivity.

How to boost Airtel 2G Data Plan

As noted, 3G booster pro can be used to boost Airtel 2G data plan speed up. Now, lets look at some of the features you will find using 3G Booster Pro Android Application.

Active Reconnect

  • 3G Booster pro checks data connectivity at fixed intervals and, if needed, restarts data connections in the background by turning flight mode on and off for you.
  • Active Reconnect automatically reconnects your 2G GPRS, 3G or 4G LTE internet connection as soon as it gets disconnected and thus keeps the data connection active at all times.
  • You won’t miss emails or chats anymore, at least while you’re in an area with data coverage.

Active Keep Alive

  • Active Keep Alive along with Reset on Failure keeps your connection alive in such cases and also helps in keeping the traffic flowing between your phone and your ISP’s servers.
  • It optimizes TCP/IP parameters to give you the best possible internet experience.
  • The network assigns a higher priority to your device and this results in significant improvement in network performance, especially if resources on the network are under strain.

The app requires Android 4.0 and up and most importantly, this app is safe and would not damage your device’s hardware.

How to Get 3G Booster Pro

3G Booster Pro is a paid Android application. This means you will have to pay the developers to enjoy the premium features available on this app if you want to boost your Airtel 2G data plan to 3G speed. However, you can get 3G Booster pro app for free. We have already written on how to get Android paid apps for free so, visit here to download 3G Booster pro for free.

Are there other ways to increase Airtel 2G data plan speed or boost Glo 3G network that you are aware of? kindly let us know using the comment box below.


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    Does it require root access?

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      Hello Viktory,

      It does not require root permission. Let us know if you have tried it out.

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