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Have you read some of our articles? You’ve seen how Techie and well-researched they are? Great! That’s the kind of piece we expect from you, even more. Kindly read on how to submit your article.

Take a part in our society

A lot of individuals have a keen interest in the technology and internet world currently and we are happy to notice you will be a part of our community (BBM channel, Telegram Channel, Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Twitter etc)  as a guest author. There’s a lot to debate this subject, therefore hopefully you’ll be able to bring angle and some writing extent, which is able to enhance our community and interact our readers.

Do you think you can be our guest writer?

There aren’t any exhausting and quick rules set up to measure what kind of guest writing we have a tendency to settle for. What we glance for, are fascinating and distinctive posts which might be of use to our readers. The article clearly has to be technology connected and if it’s associated with your own personal experiences then such is most welcome. However, if you’ve got a concept for different fascinating games, apps, computer code post, or latest technical school posts for instance, then be at liberty to communicate with us.

What about sponsored posts?

Yes! Sponsored are also accepted. RUBIZTECH is a great place to promote your business, startup, products or services with a sponsored post which can also include images, contact information etc. The post stays on my blog forever as long as the blog exists. Why not take advantage of it? See requirements here (LINK)

The themes

As we said before, we’ve got a society of readers dedicated to searching out additional, regarding all styles of technology problems. If you’ll both educate and amuse them with sensible quality, technology guest posts then you belong here.

Content Submission Rules

In order to ensure the content on this website is of premium quality and benefits our readers, there are just a few rules and guidelines we’ve put in place:

  • We don’t accept spun articles. We will not approve it if it’s a spun article or copied content. We do not take plagiarism lightly and we will remove your article without notifying you if we later detect plagiarism. You may also get your account deleted for this.
  • You can only add a link to your site in the bio and also your social profiles. We love authors with Google+ profiles.
  • We may edit your post and you agree to this.
  • Your post should be above 500 words.
  • It’s hard editing grammatical errors when it’s a little bit too much and your article may be rejected for this.
  • We encourage you to use images in your post where necessary.
  • Any link to the article linking back to your site must be relevant to the article. We may remove it if we are not comfortable with it. We do not like affiliate links.
  • After publishing, the article is ours and may not appear anywhere else.
  • We will contact you whether or not the post will be published. Please be patient as we may need to go through the post and do some background work on it to determine its authenticity.

Writer Guidelines

  1. You must be a good writer.
  2. You must be a techie.
  3. You’re expected to be a blogger with a blog that’s already a year old.
  4. If you have an active Adsense account, you’re expected to clearly understand the rules of Google Adsense
  5. You must be able to not only write but come up with well-researched articles.
  6. We do not allow SEO content writers on this blog. If you’re one, please do not register

Topics We Accept

This blog is about technology but then, technology is a very wide subject and it’s impossible to cover everything. We accept articles on a pre-defined number of topics:

  • Mobile
  • Computing
  • DIY Guides and How-to’s
  • Social Media
  • Techtainment (Entertainment with Technology inclination)
  • Business Startups and Tips/Guide
  • Telecommunications
  • Gaming
  • Internet Security

We may not really accept articles outside these as we tend to keep things moderated.

Show us what it means being an excellent writer

If all of those details cause you to start contributing, then please contact us along with your details by filling within the type below. If your plan doesn’t appear to quite work with what we’ve mentioned, then drop a line and we’ll revisit you to speak it over.

You can add suggestions regarding advertising which you find suitable. Comments or questions are welcome. Contact us here.