5 Ways To Ensure Your Smartphone Always Functions Like Brand New

Buying a new smartphone comes with a great feeling. There will be no complaints because it is in a perfect condition and working fine. Be it a Blackberry, Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, Asus, iPhone or any of those numerous brands out there, you feel it’s the magical device that answers all your prayers. However, when the excitement of buying a smartphone eventually wears off, your phone starts acting up as it becomes very slow and unresponsive.

This may be as a result of the way you use your phone.Low-end phones have less features – low RAM, low disk space, low speed, etc – unlike high-end phones. As more applications are installed, the phone tends to hang and apps load slowly. Most times, you may have to reboot your phone before you can use it.

The undeniable fact is that we all want our smartphone to run like brand new even though you have used it for just two years. Beside these 2 simple steps to speed up your smartphone without root access, we are going to share other ways to ensure that your smartphone runs like brand new.

Make Your Smartphone Run Like Brand New

If you don’t want to simply exchange, swap, or trade-in your old phone to get a brand new device, the following 5 steps will see it coming to live again.

Uninstall dormant apps

There are limitless numbers of free apps you can download in the Google or iPhone store. Since you don’t have to pay, you download both relevant and irrelevant apps on your smartphone. If you do this, then you don’t need to complain about your phone working like a snail. What you should do is to get apps you are not using in order to free up space/

Ensure you update your OS

Phone manufacturers don’t in these smartphones include updates for fun. These updates are to ensure that your phone is in sync with the latest version. So, whether you are using an Android or iPhone, you should always update the Operating System intermittently for maximum performance.

Clear your home screen

Your home screen makes it easier for you to access your apps. So, many of us prefer to have all our apps on the home screen. This can impact the way your phone functions. You should always clear your home screen or you delete app icons you don’t use regularly.

Free up some space

Your phone memory may be filled up or there may be some file residues after you uninstall an app. This will no doubt take up much-needed space. So, you should always clean your phone to free up space.

Reset your phone

The worst case scenario is for you to simply reset your phone. This is when your phone is totally unresponsive. But before you reset, use this guide to transfer your pictures, files, and videos so that you don’t lose them. Most times, the reset will restore the factory setting.


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