Facebook Messenger App for Windows 10 Now Support Voice, Video Calls

You can now make voice and video calls on Facebook Messenger App for Windows 10. This feature is already been rolled out quietly and you won’t have to use your Android and iOS version of the messaging platform to place calls anymore. Even though users could earlier make voice/video calls from Facebook.com or the web version of Messenger as an alternative to the app, now they can make calls from within the app itself.

This feature allows users to begin a voice/video call by tapping the call icon, that glows green during a chat when the contact is currently active, located at the top right corner of your screen in the Windows 10 app. However, the desktop app does not allow users to set reminders or send a message to the contact when a call is coming in, it does allow notifications for incoming calls.

According to Venture Beat, the group voice calls feature is working on the desktop version of the app but the group video calls are not working. When it does, users get the options like mute and video capture on the call screen of the desktop app.

Also, the report says you’ll also be able to choose which camera to use, record your video calls and do group voice. Users will get the option of sending a voicemail in case the other person isn’t available to take up the call. Users are asked to rate the quality of the calls after they end.

The implication of this announcement is that Facebook is ready to compete with Skype, and even let you set up easy conference calls with people whose numbers you don’t have.

Events of the past few months have pointed to the fact that Facebook is planning on making the world’s most popular social platform more interesting to use and probably replace your phone number. Last year it started allowing all Facebook users to chat with each other even if they aren’t friends

Recall also that SMS and MMS are been reintegrated into its Messenger app though the launch of Facebook for Android Beta Testing Programa program that is a head-on challenge to it’s long age for – SMS.

Though I am looking forward to being able to dial landline or mobile phone numbers of any network from popular internet apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, or Viber. Facebook as already announced the possibility.

A Spanish website has reported that Facebook has also updated WhatsApp for Windows Phone with video calling support. Meanwhile, if you just checked your Facebook messenger app for Windows 10 to see if you already have this feature running, don’t be disappointed because the roll out only just began.


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