3 Top Features of Opera Free Unlimited VPN for Android and iOS

Opera’s free unlimited VPN app was released earlier and is now available for Android devices. Really, a great news for Android users who are looking for free VPN services. Earlier in April 2016, it introduced unlimited VPN service for its desktop browser and extended it to iOS devices as a mobile app in May. Now, if you’ve been on the lookout for a relatively decent free VPN on Android that won’t break the bank, Opera’s free unlimited VPN app for Android and iOS comes to mind.

Opera VPN is offering its service with absolutely free unlimited access, which is going to put pressure on a lot of the paid-for alternatives out there. You don’t need to login or register to experience the service. You just have to download the desired app from Google Play Store or App Store to enjoy the unlimited access.

The app offers more than an unlimited free VPN service. With Opera’s VPN, you can check and secure your WIFI connection and block ads and ads trackers while browsing. Testing the ad blocking feature through different browsers, it worked pretty well for me. This feature is very helpful for those people who are always looking for ways to block ads on Android without rooting.

Why Use a VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a personal network which is used to secure public networks. It is very useful to keep your personal information like location, IP address safe while using the Internet. Basically, it encrypts your public connection to become anonymous online.

The VPN uses virtual connections routed through the Internet from the business’s private network to the remote site or a person. In case you are sharing an individual file or information with your company, it protects you from being detected by hackers.

Features of Opera Free Unlimited VPN App

Opera free unlimited VPN app for Android and iOS contains three major features; VPN, WIFI Security, and Guardian. Although, the user interface differs in both of these platforms, but they provide same security and functionality. Well, let’s discuss these premium features.

1# VPN

Opera’s VPN is powered SurfEasy, which the company bought last year. It’s just a regular VPN app, but free and with unlimited traffic. You can choose between five different virtual locations: USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, and The Netherlands. By default, the app automatically connects to the closer location nearby you, but you can switch to a different location if you want.

It’s important to note that, though VPN protects you online and allows you to access blocked websites in your region, Opera wants to share anonymous data about your mobile usage and browsing habits with third parties.

2# WIFI Security

This is cool feature integrated into Opera’s VPN. It protects you while accessing a public WIFI. Initially, it checks the security level of the connected WIFI, shows you the security risks and gives you a score from A to F. After tapping on the “Protect WIFI” button, it encrypts that connection to protect against threats.

3# Guardian Ad Tracker Blocker

Guardian blocks Ad trackers from following you online. When you enable it, the VPN will be automatically turned on. It disables cookies from tracking your data. Opera browser by default has an inbuilt ad blocking feature, but using this VPN, you can block ads on other browsers.

Now, having seen 3 top features of Opera free unlimited VPN for Android and iOS and if the risk of using a free VPN service hasn’t put you off, you can download the Opera’s free VPN app for free from the Play Store below.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.opera.vpn’ name=’Opera Free VPN – Unlimited VPN’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

iPhone users, download here


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