Glo Network is Slow? Steps To Make Your Glo Internet Connection Faster

Glo network is the easiest way to access the internet these days. Recently Glo launched its 4G LTE service in Nigeria and unconfirmed reports already spreading that they have expanded to more 8 cities yet, Glo subscribers are complaining that the Glo network is slow. So, how do we make Glo internet connection faster?

Earlier this year, Airtel released a cheap internet data plan that offers 2GB for ₦200 and 6GB for ₦500 and like Glo cheap data plans, it is, unfortunately slow. Many Airtel and Glo customers who have subscribed to their internet bundles are seeking for how to make Glo internet connection faster. In this article, I will share with you two steps to increase the internet on Glo network.

Glo 3G plus and 4G LTE, the services from Glo mobile, delivers HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) and 4G broadband high-speed internet to Glo subscribers with 3G/3.5G/4G-enabled phones. The HSDPA high-speed internet promises data transfer speed of up to 3.6 Mbps and up to 100 Mbps respectively but it seems something is not just right.

To use Glo internet directly on PC totally annoying. On mobile devices, the mobile internet connections start getting sluggish no matter what you do and it creates lots of frustrations. Sometimes, if you want to update the status on Facebook, slow Glo internet connection won’t allow you to do so.

Those who have low RAM space on their smartphones or you use a 3G device will be most affected because most of the time the internet sucks. If you are one of those who is fed up with slow Glo internet connection, then don’t worry as you can now optimize your internet speed

Make Your Glo Internet Connection Faster

To make your Glo internet faster, we will be looking at using both an android application and manipulating Glo Access point Name. So, if your Glo network is slow, follow the explanations below.

Boost Glo Internet Connection Using App

3G Booster pro is an android application that can be used to boost the 2G, 3G or 4G LTE internet connection up to 170%. This app is very useful to increase Glo internet connection and gain network speed, especially on your android device. Loaded with lots of powerful features, 3G Booster app delivers a stable mobile internet connectivity.

How to Download 3G Booster Pro

3G Booster Pro is a paid Android application. This means you will have to pay the developers to enjoy the premium features available on this app if you want to boost your Airtel 2G data plan to 3G speed. However, you can get 3G Booster pro app for free. We have already written on how to get Android paid apps for free so, visit here to download 3G Booster pro for free.

Manipulating Glo Access Point Name (APN)

A user by name, Uche shared this Yomi Prof’s Blog that if you are experiencing slow Glo internet connection using, then you should change your APN to any of the below;

Change your APN to or

This might work for some people and it may not work for some others. I’d tried it and it is a little bit faster than the normal Glo APN. You too should give it a shot

Try it using your mobile phone or PC and let us know if you experience any changes using the comment box below


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