How To Unsubscribe From All Unwanted Email Subscriptions [ Step By Step Guide]

How to unsubscribe from all unwanted email subscriptions has never been an easy task. You would have to go through all the emails in your inbox to unsubscribe from their email distribution lists and services which are clogging your email inbox with unwanted emails and promotions.

To unsubscribe from all the emails can be a herculean task to carry out. They seem to increase daily with the bulk of these messages languishing in our inboxes unread and obscuring the really important one that require our action.

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In this guide, you will learn how to automatically and with ease, unsubscribe from all unwanted email subscriptions using “”. is a third party websites that unsubscribe your email account from your numerous unwanted email distribution lists. This tool has the following features:

  1. Getting rid of the junk.
  2. Identify your subscription emails and neatly list them for you.

Do you remember signing up for that newsletter? We didn’t think so. Chances are, you’re drowning in unwanted email subscriptions.

We give you the option to unsubscribe from junk emails right off the bat. One click and they’re gone. Done.

Organizing the subscriptions, you like

Now that your inbox is junk free, easily combine your favourite subscriptions into a beautiful daily digest email called the Rollup.

You choose what gets rolled up and when you receive your Rollup. Like to browse email with your morning coffee? You can get all your newsletters and social notifications at 7 a.m. each day. It’s up to you.


How to unsubscribe from email subscriptions using tool


Visit on your search engine and sign up as a new user with your email address that you want to unsubscribe emails from. e-mail accounts which can be used on are yahoo, Gmail, outlook, AOL.

Sign up and read though the terms and conditions and click on agree. you wold be redirected to your email account and prompted to log in and give permissions to unsubscribe your email account from unwanted email distribution lists.


After giving the necessary permissions to, you would be redirected to website and welcomed with a pop up message and shown the email subscriptions your email account is subscribed to, the email provider account will also be displayed.


On the page showing the email subscriptions your email is subscribed to, options are shown to keep in box, unsubscribe or add to roll up. The keep inbox option will keep email subscriptions you still want to continue receiving emails from in your inbox, unsubscribe will unsubscribe your email account from the distribution list from the email subscriber, while add to roll up serves as a temporary folder where email service providers are placed on temporary hold for review later.

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To unsubscribe from any email list, click on unsubscribe option in front of the email and will be automatically unsubscribed from that email distribution list and further emails from that account.


To recover email services unsubscribed by mistake, or want to continue receiving emails from that account, click on unsubscribe menu at the top of the page, and will be prompted with the email services unsubscribed form and can be restored by clicking on keep in inbox.


When you are done unsubscribing from the unwanted email lists, click on finish and a page will pop up showing the number of emails unsubscribed from, number of emails kept in inbox. Why not give it a try and unsubscribe from unnecessary email lists?

What tool do you use to unsubscribe to unwanted email lists? Are there any other service you use to keep your e-mail free from subscription junks? Let us know in the comment box below.

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