Mother’s Day: Hottest Tech Gifts Your Mom Will Actually Use

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, 26th of march, 2017 and your mom might be into tech. Maybe she is not! Either way, you are reading this because you are in need of a mother’s day gift ideas and that’s why you are reading this. No worries. RUBIZTECH have got you covered by handpicking some hottest tech gifts your mom will actually like.

First, you will agree that we cannot thank our moms enough no matter how hard we try but here is a perfect time to celebrate her unconditional love and those cherished moments with her. Getting an exquisite mother’s day gift items to show our mothers how much we love and appreciate them is a good way to start .

To help with the perfect Mother’s Day gift, we’ve come across a few gadgets in recent months that are straightforward and rewarding enough to appeal to Moms of any sort. (Or anyone, really.) Here are a few of our favorites, most of which shouldn’t break the bank, if you’re in need of a last minute gift.

Mother’s Day Tech Gifts ideas

Ready to make a pick? Let’s go!

For the Computing Mom

Mother's Day Gift For the Computing Mom

For casual internet perusing, Facebook updating, and game playing, there is a right tablet, smartphone or PC for moms. They aren’t exactly high-tech, but from 18,500 —  150,000, there is one that’s as flexible as mom is. If your Mom’s not a spec fiend, it’ll do what she needs to do.

Phones: BUY HERE | Tablets: BUY HERE | PCs: BUY HERE

For the Fitness-Loving Mom

Mother's Day For the Fitness-Loving Mom

Wearable technology is finally becoming something you’d want to wear. Smartbands with Bluetooth can connect to a smartphone, quietly alerting the user to calls and text messages. Mom can set vibration patterns and custom colors for different contacts in the smartphone app so she always knows who’s calling, even if she can’t see her phone.

If Mom prefers a smartwatch so she can use apps on her wrist as well, you can check here for the perfect fit. They can deliver notifications from the phone to the watch and works with apps like Nike Running and Uber.

For the TV-Loving Mom

Mother's day tech gift for TV-loving moms
Mother’s day gift for TV loving moms

Mom can watch any TV in the house with Streaming Sticks or Android Boxes. They are portable device she can use on any TV with an HDMI port. Plug it in and get access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and so much more. And if mom isn’t alone, she can use headphones to listen privately through the Roku Mobile App.


For the Fashionable on-the-go Mom

Mother's day gift For the Fashionable on-the-go Mom

Moms lug around a lot of stuff, so why not get her something that looks great as well. You can also find a wide range of mobile phone accessories from cases & cover, headsets, Bluetooth enabled headsets, Infinix Zero Cover, Batteries, Screen protectors, Samsung universal battery pack, portable speakers and more. The right phone travel chargers and phone batteries will make her good to go all day and into the night.


Bonus Mother’s Day Gift

Our collection of hottest tech gifts your mom will actually use won’t be complete without the right clothes, shoes, bags, makeups, etcetera, to match. Below is bonus selection that for you.

For the Trendy Super Mom

Mother's day gift For the Trendy Super Mom

Every mom deserves to look beautiful and stunning in heels or sandals and accessories, they also deserve to have fun after a hard day at work. Mother’s day collection with top brands specially put together for all our mothers in touch with fashion, our career moms, the homemakers, moms back in shape after three, and all the sweet African mommas with warmth in their bosom.

Clothing: BUY HERE | Shoes: BUY HERE

Watches: BUY HERE | Makeup: BUY HERE

Hair Tools: BUY HERE | Fragrance: BUY HERE

Jumia Mother’s Day luncheon

As part of our plans to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day, Jumia will be giving a treat to a selected number of mothers at the Jumia Mother’s Day luncheon.

To enter be eligible for an invite, simply go to our Facebook Page tag a mom who resides in Lagos and say why she’s a cool mom.


There is no limit to the amount you can spend on your precious mother this Mother’s Day which is why Jumia has opened a special Super mom store for you to appreciate her with assortment of gift items: Jewelry set, wristwatches, classy fabrics, handbags, beauty products, cooking sets, fragrances and many more gifts.

Hurry now! Buy your supermom a gorgeous gift here at up to 50% discount as a token of your infinite appreciation and have it delivered in time just to say thank you, Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers from RUBIZTECH.


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