Nigerians Can Now Tackle Online Fraud Using SCAM ALERT NG Platform

Online fraud, also known as Internet fraud or online scam is a fundamental problem particularly in Nigeria and Africa in general.  Unsuspecting citizens have been sleeved of their funds online by fraudulent persons who pose with one shady business transaction or the other and those who set up fake eCommerce platforms or offers.

Over the years, attempts to curb online fraud menace like setting up a police special fraud unit but the problem has persisted. The scammers seemed hard to track, majorly because of their pseudo identities which sometimes can be more than one.

Online fraud has taken a new dimension recently with the birth of cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin. They flood WhatsApp groups, Facebook pages and groups etc claiming to have bitcoin for sale or posing as affiliate marketers from online stores.

Tackle Online Fraud Using SCAM ALERT NG

Now, a team of Nigerians has decided to use the internet to fight back. This they did by coming together and began work on a startup platform known as SCAM ALERT NG. The platform is poised to tackle online fraud head on and is indeed solving one of the persistent problems in the continent.

SCAM ALERT NG boasts of a robust database of online scammers and is made available to the public and anybody who wants to verify an eCommerce platform, seller or people making an offer to them that involve money before going ahead with such transactions.

With a focus on eCommerce Instagram scams, SCAM ALERT NG database has the names, phone numbers, account numbers and other details of confirmed scammers in Nigeria and users are given the privilege to report persons that may not be listed in the database already.

‘The number of reports that reach me frequently about the activities of these online fraudsters is quite disturbing, especially the ones posing as sellers on Instagram. I thought of what to do about it for some time before the idea for this website came’, Mr. Kalada Belema Meshack-Hart, the founder of the platform said.

“We are calling out to everybody to use it to verify those that pose online with an offer or more. The site is user-friendly and quite simple for anybody to use”, he added.

The Scam Alert NG team believes you shouldn’t work so hard for your money and then lose it to greedy people online. They want everyone to take advantage of the website and be sure to verify people on it before going ahead with transactions.

With the site, authentic sellers online will be able to get a verification badge and thus buyers can patronize them with a guarantee from SCAM ALERT NG. Sellers are advised to get verification from the website to enable them to do their transactions knowing that more people will trust them with such transactions having been verified by the scam vigilant website.

Users will also be able to see verified stores and know which to trust for transactions online.


What is Scam Alert Ng– Scam Alert Ng is an online platform dedicated to exposing fake online eCommerce platforms in Nigeria that have defrauded Nigerians for a long time, with scam alert Ng you have the most robust database of online scammers in Nigeria and we are focused on the eCommerce industry where Instagram scams leads the way.

How to use Scam Alert Ng– Before you make a buying decision online, use our search box on the home page to verify if the buyer is genuine, simply type any details you have of the business (Business name, phone number, bank details, BBM pin etc and click search, if the buyer is fraudulent you will immediately see the details by clicking on the result of the search, while we know these scammers change daily we try to update the database daily. We advise you search through our verified sellers to see if anyone meets your needs, this will save you time and potential loss as we have taken the time to scrutinize them to ensure they are genuine.

Read scam stories– Read what other people have gone through so you don’t have to pass through the same like the saying goes “other people’s experience is the best teacher” don’t fall a victim

Have you been scammed before? You can report the scammer to ensure others don’t get scammed, to report a scammer go to the home page and click on report scammer, then if it is your first time click on register, next fill the form, agree to our terms and click on sign up now, if you have registered previously just log in, it will then take you to another page where you will now fill details of the scammer, please fill accurate details and upload enough evidence, then submit, our team will go through the details and if confirmed as accurate will add it to the database.

SHARE YOUR STORY-You can share your story and let others learn, we do believe scammers use mainly the same strategies, to share your story just click on the menu tab, then click on scam stories, then click on share your story to share your experience with others.

HOW TO VERIFY YOUR ONLINE STORE ON SCAM ALERT NG – Genuine online businesses can verify their store using our platform and be listed among the verified shops on our page. This serves huge credibility for the store. To verify your store, click on verified stores, then on verify your shop, fill the form and submit, we will get in touch with you on how you can be verified.

Users can also visit our list of verified stores to pick which to patronize as they go through heavy scrutiny and appraisal before entering the list of verified stores. This will save you loads of time and money.

This is a welcome development and hopefully, online fraud occurrences will be reduced to the bearest minimum. Share your thoughts.


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