How to Share Files Between Android, iPhone & PC Easily

You will need to share files between Android, iPhone or a PC at a point in time. Sometimes it’s a photo, sometimes it’s a song, and many other times it’s some sort of document, presentation, or other files that need to be shared. In our last how-to guide, we discussed how to get premium Android apps for free using Blackmart Alpha.

There was a time when the only way you could share files between your Android device and a Windows computer was by using a USB cable (and back again). The HomeGroup option in Windows is a great way to share files and printers between PCs you have on your home network—but it doesn’t support mobile devices.

One option to share files between devices is SHAREit, a powerful Android app. SHAREit helps you manage the files on your Android device. SHAREit App allows you to easily send media files like images, videos and docs with super fast speed. And there is no file size limit means you can send file as small as 1MB and as big as 10GB.

Using SHAREit app, no worries about old technology like USB Wire Transfer and Bluetooth because this wonderful app works on the latest technology of Wi-Fi Direct connect which enables it to transfer files between devices within matter of seconds.

Share Files Between Android, iPhone & PC Using SHAREit

SHAREit app is available for all Windows PC, Android, Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and Macbook and its completely free.

How to Use SHAREit for Android

Download SHAREit for Android here: [pb-app-box pname=’com.lenovo.anyshare.gps’ name=’SHAREit: File Transfer,Sharing’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]


  • Enables you and your friends to transfer and receive files at a time
  • This method is completely safe and helps you to protect your privacy
  • Transferring speed is as high as 10-15 Mbps
  • SHAREit App is very light and handy to use
  • Best and user-friendly interference.

Once app is running, you can find any other person, who is also having the same app, and can begin with the file sharing things. You can share the complete file, or folders and that too instantly. The app uses Wi-Fi Direct technology which is safe, because it creates a private connection between the two devices.

SHAREit for PC – Guide


  • No need to worry about old methods like attaching USB cable to PC
  • Send any file from PC to mobile or phone to PC easily
  • No problem to infecting devices with viruses

If you want to install SHAREit App on Computer then I am requesting you to follow below given steps and method and please don’t skip any of the steps which will make it difficult for you to download it into your PC.

Lenovo’s SHAREit App is available collectively for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Windows OS, and below I have given the official method to download SHAREit for PC with the working and official links.
  • First of all the visit the official website of Lenovo SHAREit
  • Now click on download in the menu bar
  • Here you will get the working official download link for SHAREit Desktop version
  • Just download it and install the same into your system.


How to use SHAREit on PC?

Just after downloading the software, click on the setup and let the installation process start.

  • Start the SHAREit App from the start menu or from shortcut icon created on desktop.
  • You will see two buttons as below, just click on “Connect Android Device”
Connect Android Device
Connect Android Device
  • After that all you need to do is start this app in Android or iPhone and click on “Connect PC”

Connect PC

  • Now you can see the available networks to connect with, just select your laptop from here.
Connect to available devies with SHAREit
Connect to available devies with SHAREit
  • Now connection will be established so that you can start sharing any file you want.
SHAREit connection established
SHAREit connection established

SHAREit App for iPhone

Share Files using SHAREit app for iPHONE
SHAREit app for iPHONE
Yes, unlike other apps this mind blowing application is available for iOS uses so that you can download this app for iPhone or even iPad. Not only you can share images, videos or any type files with fellow iPhone users but you can even send the same to Android users and to PC also.

Features of SHAREit iPhone App :

  • It offers the services which are of top-notch standards and you will never find anything wrong at all.
  • The app uses very simple, understandable, and elegant user interface, which helps everyone to understand things quickly and get over with the same.
  • You will never need any user guide in order to learn how to use this app, and that’s the best part inside.
  • This app doesn’t offer any advertisements either, thus, it never hurts the user experience, by any means.
  • This app can not only share the files and folders, but can also copy cate one phone into the another.
  • So, if you are having a new iPhone, and older one as well, then the new one can be created as replica of the older one, instantly.

Download SHAREit For iPhone Here



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