Ways To Avoid Social Network Scams

Social network scams have been a very challenging issue on the internet since the internet became widespread across the world. A lot of ways to dupe innocent individuals are devised daily by scammers. It is advisable to take some security measures to avoid these social network scams.

These are some of the ways by which you can avoid social network scams.

  • Watch out for fake celebrities account.Scammers usually create social media accounts using names of celebrities in order to get hold of unsuspecting people. This is why you usually see different accounts whenever you search for a celebrity’s name on any social platform. Whenever you see any account claiming they will give out free gifts to some certain people who complete some offers, you should be careful and not fall for it, they usually do this so as to get information about a potential victim. The real accounts of celebrities are usually verified by the social media with a ‘tick’ sign.
  •  Don’t Share too much information.  This is usually common among girls or some other males too. This is what gives place for most of these social media scams. Whenever you want to post anything to the public on social media, make sure there is no private or sensitive information by which they can see your vulnerabilities. For instance, you might upload your mother’s picture with the aim of praising her or wishing her happy birthday, in the process, you go ahead to say everything about her. When scammers see this kind of post, they will be happy because they can find a way to trick someone like her fellow employee orpeople who don’t know her too well. They can fake a message pretending to be her since they have all the information they have. You can take control of this by setting your privacy settings to allow only people you know to see details about you.
  • Avoid links giving fake offers. Whenever you see any link claiming they will give you a free iPhone or laptop by clicking on them, or claiming they will give a certain amount of money, it is advisable to stay away from links like that. If you click on such links, you will be redirected to a website that will ask you to give your details in order to partake in the offer. When you enter those details, they can either use them to dupe others using your identity or use them against you. Clicking on such links can as well lead you to malware that can be sent to your phones by scammers in order to steal your card information or personal details.
  • Do not access your accounts on public computers. If you want to log in to your social media accounts, it is better to do that on your personal device and not on public devices.  When you log in to public computers, your passwords can save automatically on the computers, and it will give others access to your accounts. They can proceed to save the passwords and use them to scam other people.
  • Use highly secure passwords. This is very important, you might think it is not a way scammers can use, but it has been seen to be one of the ways the scammers use to find vulnerable individuals. Whenever you want to set passwords for your social media accounts, make sure you use a very long password, preferably more than 8 characters. Make it a combination of upper and lower-case letters with numbers. This way, it will be difficult to detect your passwords. Do not use passwords related to your names or anything connected to you. Also, use different passwords for your various accounts. It is advisable to change your password whenever you notice any suspecting activity on your account. 

There are several other ways by which you can avoid social network scams. It is advisable to take proper security measures and stay away from links that you don’t know or you’re not sure of.

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